Happy Birthday, Aria! You’re 2!!

This picture says it all. It couldn’t be a better description of my life. Aria crying while all her guests sang “Happy Birthday” to her, Rishi pulling my hair, the hubs just laughing at me, and me barely holding it together but laughing at the craziness that is going down. 

Lil’ miss Aria’s second birthday party was on Saturday, though she doesn’t turn 2 for another two weeks. She had an okay-ish time. HA. I think big crowds still overwhelm her, so she was already a little apprehensive when we got to the venue, which was a giant jumphouse with lots of bounce houses and foam pits. Nonetheless, one of the guests was her teacher from her MDO program , and I think that just pushed it over the edge. I think she was confused as to why her “school people” were around, and she just plain freaked! She finally calmed down towards the end and then had a blast, but it seems as though everyone else had a fantastic time! =) 

Oh, and Aria still loves Daniel Tiger so that ended up being the theme of the party! 

An attempt at a family picture. One day, we will hopefully all have our eyes and smiles towards the camera, but for now, this will just have to do! 🙂



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