Thoughts on Thursday || 5

This week happened to go by really fast because I had a horrible weekend with a ton of tooth pain from an infection. Monday rolled around and I got to the dentist as fast as I could, and of course that was a fun extraction…Sigh. Nonetheless, my week didn’t really start til’ Tuesday so this week has sped by, which I guess is a good thing! Here’s my Thursday rendition for ya…

As Rishi is getting older and starting to hold his head up more on his own, I started pulling out all of Aria’s old toys like the bumbo and the exersaucer that were perfect when they could hold their head up. As I pulled it out of storage, Aria’s immediate reaction was this wide-eyed “OMG you have more toys you’re hiding!!” So as I pull it into Rishi’s room, she has this giant confused look on her face since she assumed it was going to be hers. And then I put Rishi in it to see what would happen…Oh man…Somebody was NOT happy. A little green with envy. So I took him out and she immediately wanted to be put in it. Same thing with the bumbo. So now every time we are upstairs, she runs to both toys and wants to use them! I have no idea what will happen when Rishi actually needs to start using these toys!!! EEEK.

I laughed so hard at her facial expression. She definitely wanted to claim her toy back! =P

As my life gets more and more  chaotic, I’ve realized if I don’t sit down and organize it or write things down, I simply forget. It’s like I went from pregnancy brain to mommy brain which basically mean the same thing : nothing sticks. I feel like if you just tell me something like “oh, don’t forget to pick up the bread at the grocery store”, I more than likely won’t remember it unless it was on my list. Yea. I’ve become a huge list person and started using a planner more and more. The one I had wasn’t cutting it because it just didn’t have all the things I needed. I realized BlueSky did a Target version of their Day Designer and I was all over it earlier this week when I went to Target. I absolutely am obsessed with it and it’s already helped me organize so much.

Oh, and if you follow me on Insta, you will have seen that I scored an amazing purse for a mere $13 as well. #targetdoesitagain

I love having meals nowadays that result in good leftovers cuz let’s face it, who wants to cook everyday? And if you do, please come over and make me food!! I made the easiest meatloaf earlier this week and it turned out delicious! I’m working on getting a post up next week with the recipe! Keep a lookout for it folks!

Later loves! 



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