Thoughts on Thursday || 4

Well, hey there. If you’re reading this, you know damn well that I’ve been pretty MIA. It’s been hard these last few weeks with the kiddos and it really hasn’t left me much “my time”. Plus, I’ve been working a lot for my shop and that’s been taking priority as well. BUT, I really miss just writing so I turned to my good ol’ blog.

Shoes. I’ve been buying the most boring shoes lately as my life has gotten chaotic and wearing cute shoes just doesn’t work out for me most of the time. I’ve just turned to comfort since it’s much easier to chase kids that way. BUT then, these peeked out at me when I was just perusing the aisles at Target the other day. And oh wait…a red sticker? Shut up. Clearance? And whoa whoa, my size? Did god just smile at me? Hallelujah. I picked these beautiful navy wedges up for $20. Wedges are still doable with kids once in a blue moon…or I justified that to myself when I bought these because I literally could not put them back.

Every summer I chop off a bit of my hair because it’s just so dang hot down here. This Sunday is supposed to be 105. Uncool. See what I did there? Ohhh me and my “punniness”. OK, I’ll stop now. But no seriously, battling long hair, especially with a 2 month old again always in my arms is murder. But I told myself, no way no how was I cutting my hair this summer. I’ve wanted long hair for as long as I can remember and I knew the only way to get there was to not chop it off this summer even if it meant that I would have more buns and ponytails. And I was like man that’s gonna suck with putting in all the effort of straightening and then denting it with an rubberband. And then, I discovered these wonderful things. I think I’m totally late to the game on these but they are a serious game changer for me. I can have a ponytail and it not leave a dent! Like what???? Sign me up! So anyway, these have become my new arm candy and I’m lovin’ it.

Counting down the hours til’ this evening because the hubs returns from his yearly conference. This year was tough and my mom came to help a little. But man, I am looking forward to having a break of having to bathe/diaper/clothe/feed two babies. My. Back. Is. Dead. Hubby did well tho by sending me some goodies to make it through!

Aaaaaand, I hear a baby. I guess that means no more writing for me. Til’ next time loves! 



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