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Life with two under two is… well, interesting. I’ve learned to be way more go with the flow. I used to be such a stickler with schedules and naptimes with Aria and now, I can put it aside and just basically be more lax. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t do it everyday but I’m way more loose with schedules than before. It was easier with just one because you only had to worry about feeding 1, bathing 1, entertaining 1, getting 1 into the car, going out with 1, and last but not least, putting only 1 to bed. Now when you add two, that schedule basically goes out the window. I still try to have a base routine even if it gets shifted a half hour here or there. With that said, here’s a little peek at what our daily life looks like:

7/7:30: Both kiddos are normally waking up around this time. Thank goodness for my amazing husband who gets Aria and gets her ready upstairs while I feed Rishi and get him ready for the day.

8/8:15 – Normally when breakfast happens for Aria, and I get ready while Rishi is just hanging out. Rudy scrambles to get ready for work round this time too and leaves. After Aria finishes, we just play in the playroom or do an activity while Rishi snoozes a little more close by. This is a little bit of time we get just between me and her and no baby brother since he naps, and I love it. She’s growing too quickly so I treasure the alone moments we get.

My little doll. Who can never stay still. =P

9/9:30 – I feed Rishi again while Aria either plays or watches an episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (her new fave show). Oh, and TV and the iPad are best buds now because it’s my sanity saver.

10/10:15 – This is normally when we are out of the house or have a playdate. Sometimes it’s a library trip, sometimes the splashpad, and sometimes it’s the park since it still hasn’t hit 100 degrees yet! No matter what, I try to get out around this time of the day because it helps the day go by faster and the kids are a little more tired. If there is nothing I can think of, we go to Target and just walk around while I sip on some starbucks because that’s probably the only way I can have some coffee without reheating it a zillion times at the house because one is attached to my body and the other one is stuck in the cart with a new toy from the dollar spot at Target.

11:30/Noon – We are back from our outing usually and this is when things start to get a little crazy since both are hungry, which makes for two cranky babies. I make Aria’s lunch really fast and try to feed her while I nurse Rishi so all of this takes place in the living room. It looks like a zoo at times, but I know that 1o’clock is just around the corner!

I love our rock and play since that’s easy to move around while he naps or plays, especially while I’m in the kitchen!

1/1:30 – Aria goes down for a nap. She plays in her crib for probably 10-15 minutes and then passes out. She tends to nap between an hour and a half to two hours. And then play for another 10-15 minutes after she wakes up. Around this time, I try to feed Rishi again if he’s hungry or get some one on one time with him, and then put him down for a nap as well. Sometimes they align really well, and sometimes one is sleeping while the other is awake. If they are both sleeping, I’ll try to get some work done and get some orders painted and shipped. Sometimes I’ll prep for dinner if I have the energy. I try not to nap so that I can be a little productive and be able to sleep better at night.

Aria loves having Rishi in her crib. She thinks it’s so much fun and just loves on him. And I basically die each time that happens. 

4/4:30 – Everyone is awake and downstairs by this time and I’m back to nursing Rishi and Aria has a snack and some milk with another episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood or some iPad time.

5/5:30 – This is witching hour. This is the time that I’m basically drained and counting down the minutes until Rudy gets home from work. Sometimes I’ll go ahead and start feeding Aria, but I’m trying to teach her about family dinner time so I try to wait until he gets back so we can attempt to all eat at the dinner table together. Otherwise, I’ll try to kill the time by playing hide and seek, more playing in the play room, reading books, and more activities while Rishi just plays nearby.

Aria looking out the door waiting for dada to come home…

6:15/6:30 – Rudy is home and Aria is basically jumping all over him to play so they play a little and Rudy holds Rishi while I try to get dinner on the table as fast as I can. We sit and eat at the table to our best ability. Sometimes it doesn’t pan out and we end up taking turns and scarfing down what we can while the other one watches the kids.

7/7:15 – Rudy takes Aria up and bathes her while I feed Rishi. Once Aria is done, I take Rishi up and get him a bath as well.

7:30/7:45 – Aria’s bedtime and the three of us are finally getting a chance to talk about our day while Rishi is just napping or chilling with us. I sometimes will hand Rishi off to Rudy and get more work done if naptime wasn’t productive at all. Sometimes dinner didn’t go as planned and we are finally sitting down to eat. Sometimes I’ll head out to meet my girlfriends for a quick drink or meet up for dessert or coffee! Sometimes, I finally get to take a shower at this hour since the day has been so chaotic. And sometimes, I just sit on the couch. 😉

9/9:30 – Rishi has his last feed and goes down for the night. Rudy and I will either hang out and watch some of our favorite shows. Or sometimes Rudy has to work and so I’ll end up working as well. This is also the time that my wonderful husband will clean the kitchen. He’ll take care of the day’s dishes and put everything away and vacuum if necessary.

11:30/Midnight – We normally go to bed around this time, and wake up and rinse and repeat! And yes, our baby boy is sleeping through the night and has been doing so for the past 2-3 weeks, so I’m very grateful for that! I wake up recharged to take on the day and handle these two itty bitty monsters. =)

I’m sure in another few months things will change again as Aria goes to school, and Rishi gets older and starts needing a real schedule. But for now, this is what our day to day looks like with laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking, running a small biz, blogging, and all the other stuff thrown in! Basically, I faceplant into my pillow nightly if you hadn’t guessed. 😉



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