A little weekend recap…

This was one of the best weekends in a while. Lots of good friends and lots of fun! So, I thought I’d share! Oh, and also because I got a chance to actually sit down and blog.

Friday, I kicked it off with hanging out at the park early in the morning with a good friend, and then heading to a local park that has a railroad and a train that kids can ride. Aria had a blast needless to say! In the evening, we chilled for the most part since I knew Saturday and Sunday was going to be crazy! =)

How I roll…all day, errday. 
I promise they had a better time than they appear to be! HAHA. Getting toddlers to take pictures is impossibly hard!

“HIIIIIIIII treeeeeeees!!!!” She said that to every single tree. Yup, I think she’s a true Austinite. 

Saturday, during the day I had to run about a thousand errands and get some work done, but then at night we got dressed up and went to our friend’s house to celebrate his birthday by doing an 80s theme party. HOLY HELL did we have a blast! Got home at 1 AM and probably went to bed around 2! PARTAAAAYYYYY!! And yes, we took our kiddos to the party. Aria fell asleep in one of the rooms in a pack n’ play and Rishi was just in my solly wrap all night. 

LOVE these girls! I also love how Rishi is in this picture. ;P
The girls and hubbies. I love all these people dearly!! They rock my world!

Sunday, I woke up and was exhausted but headed to celebrate a dear friend for her baby shower! More yummy food and good conversation. What could be better? Came home to have a lazy Sunday for the rest of the evening. I’m pretty sure these are one of the weekend that while exhausting, I’m so thankful to have these folks in my life who make it special and worthwhile to be tired. 

Onto another Monday tomorrow which I’m not looking forward to at all because I get to wake up bright and early and get a lovely root canal. Woohoo…. NOT. Sense the sarcasm? Well, you should if you don’t. 



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