Thoughts On Thursday…

Random musings on this Thursday…


Feeling so incredibly lucky these last few weeks as good friends have come to visit and be so helpful. Making dinner is an absolute challenge right now since I barely have time to finish a cup of coffee or take a shower. Anyhow,  I have these amazing friends who have brought us food and it makes me feel so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people who are so kind to think of my family in this chaotic time while we adjust to our new life. Just last night, we enjoyed some chicken fajitas complete with all the extras and cookies and fruit for dessert! Seriously, I have the bestest friends!


I’ve found one of my fave summer sandals. I’m sure I will be wearing these constantly this season since they are so comfortable and go with everything!! And this week, they are on sale for 20% off! 


Summer has officially arrived with temps reaching the 90s daily. Aria has been outside with her water table, and I’m pretty sure we will be hitting up splash pads and the pool pretty soon, if not all the time since Aria naps like a champ the days we play in the sun/water. All of this meant that I would have to go through the daunting task of finding a bathing suit only two weeks after having a baby. Kill me now. So I ventured out to the mall with this little dude, and found a tankini I think I can make work as my body goes through changes weekly. Sigh. #mombod 

 Thank goodness friday is almost here! 



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