Maternity Photos

Being pregnant the first time around, I didn’t want any professional pictures of me pregnant. I felt fat, gross, and just giant. I didn’t realize and appreciate that that is the beauty of carrying a baby. And I regret it everyday. I mean, I have pictures that I took, but nothing that truly depicts what I looked like pregnant from a non-selfie point of view if you know what I mean. 

Either way, I knew that this time I wanted someone to photograph me in my last month of pregnancy, especially with Aria and Rudy. It’s a such a special time for us as our family of 3 grows, and I know that will cherish these pictures forever. Also, I had no pictures of my own mom pregnant, and maybe my kids will wonder what I looked like when I carried them and I’ll be glad to have these. 

I couldn’t think of a better place to take the pictures than just to do it in my house. Not to mention, it automatically gets documented! =)

If you’re pregnant and are wondering whether or not to have a maternity pictures taken, I highly recommend it. It was definitely worth it and I know that these pictures will mean even more to me in a few years. 



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