Wallpaper Wednesday Series – 1

Sometimes I like to switch up what is currently on my phone as wallpaper from just a picture of Aria…I know, it sounds crazy. Some days are tough and I feel like I just need a little jolt to get me through the day, so I like having a little motivation on my phone, because let’s face it, we are glued to those things. So, I’m introducing a six week series of where I’m giving you guys motivational wallpapers for your phones to download that I’ve painted and handlettered! 

The one for this week: Good things come to those who hustle. This could not be more true for me. I’m seeing the more that I put into my business, the more I get out of it. Some days I stay up late working and get less sleep but it 100% drives me to the core. Most would think I get up tired but instead I wake up happier knowing that I’m accomplishing something to make me happier. I know that I need to hustle if I ever want my dream to come true. And 

Here is what it looks like on my phone! And I love seeing it to push me a little harder to get my hustle on!

Scroll down below the image to download it! =) 

Good things comes to those who hustle download link. 

Just save the image to your phone to make it your wallpaper! =)

Stay tuned to see what comes up next week!


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