St. Patty’s!

I was browsing through my timehop and of course it had a few pictures of me drinking green beer back in the day. Timehop always has a way of making me feel old…Sigh.  Well, there is definitely no green beer today, but I do have this lucky charm who is making my day of green pretty awesome! Plus, I’m obsessed with her shirt that the hubs brought back from his Ireland business trip!! I should’ve made him bring me back in a maternity size! HA. 

This little diva was actually posing this morning when I took the pictures! She’s growing up to be such a little girl! Her personality is changing daily and how sassy she can be sometimes is just hilarious. After I got done taking a few pictures, I was looking for her and here she was reading/talking to a book. As much of a diva as she is, her favorite activity is still reading. This girl is absolutely a book worm. And I adore it. Because if I had all the time in the world, I know for sure my nose would be in a book! 

Another thing that Timehop makes me realize is how quickly time really does fly. This picture appeared and it made me a little sad that just a year ago, she was so tiny! I don’t even think she can fully sit up at this age and just used to lay in one spot! I can definitely vouch that it was much easier to take pictures of her then vs. now! 

To think that in another year, I’ll have two lucky charms!! And hopefully he’ll fit into this onesie that was also brought back from Ireland. I died when I saw it. How cute is this little thing?!

Like I said, I may not have any green beer to celebrate today but I’m looking forward to my prenatal massage tonight! HAHA. Priorities have definitely changed huh? Wouldn’t trade for the world though. #momlife



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