Hello 2015.

Why hello 2015! Here it is. A brand new year. A new slate as some people like to view it with brand new resolutions. I have a few up my sleeve such as stay off my phone more so I can spend more quality time doing the things that matter. Or watch less TV… I do love my trash TV so that one will be a little tough. Read more. 

 But the main one I’d really like to put my energy into this year is this quote. It really stayed with me as I read it. 

We spend quite a bit of time only thinking about all the things that would be better if we bought this or changed that or wanted more of something. I need to remind myself more and more that what I have today is only what I could’ve dreamed of a few years ago and that it truly is more than enough. It’s to remember to be thankful, and STAY thankful. We are blessed abundantly and I don’t want to let social media or what others have cloud my judgement on what I need or want. We are happy, healthy, and that’s all my family and I need right now. To want less is my resolution. 

Nonetheless, our New Year’s Day was perfect. I spent the morning making us some confetti and chocolate pancakes to kick off the year.

We then spent most of the day with our friends and all the kiddos and had some good times. There happened to be a bowling alley at the place we were at, and it turns out, Aria is not a fan of the sound of bowling balls. She was so freaked out whenever we would go near the lanes so Rudy and I had to take turns walking around with her to calm and soothe her. You never really know what’ll scare your kid I guess. Like foil. Did I ever mention Aria used to be deathly afraid of the noise of foil. Yeah. Totally weird but that was one of her strange fears but it seems like it’s gone away…I’m hoping the same will happen with the bowling. =)

Then we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, and after Aria went to bed, we had ourselves a little at home date night with fondue and some (fake) bubbly!

I love Aria’s expression in this picture! 

Hope you guys had a wonderful day to kick off the new year. Til’ next time!



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