21 Weeks

So I cannot believe I missed the big ol’ 20 week post, so here I am posting the 21 week bump stats! Last week was pretty hectic since things got really crazy around here, I mean it’s Wednesday and I’m finally getting around to writing this! Cedar fever is a big deal in Austin for lots of people and it turns out both the hubs and my sweet baby have it. And a bad case of it. So poor Aria had been sniffling all last week and it’s just not fun to see her not feel well. Turns out it ends around the first week of February so I’m looking forward to that! I posted her napping my bed last week since I just couldn’t get her to relax..poor thing. Really breaks a mama’s heart to see their kiddo sick. 

Anyhow, we’re all doing a ton better this week and have hopefully kicked those allergies goodbye! 

Excuse the bra strap showing but with Aria running around, I think I had a total of 2 seconds to get a picture! But it was all worth it since I got to photograph these sweet moments with her right after. Her newest thing is to do is to lean her head and attempt to touch her nose to mine everytime we say “can we do nosies?” And yes, my heart melts EVERY TIME. 


How far along: 21 weeks
Size of our sweet baby:  About the size of a carrot
Maternity clothes: Some but my regular jeans still fit and I can either button them below my belly or go with the good ol’ rubber band trick, but of course, I love my leggings!
Gender: A BOY!!!
Sleep: Meh. Could be better but it is what it is. This is the latter half and I remember the first time around that I was pregnant, I had a pretty hard time falling asleep and staying asleep since your bladder has other ideas at 3 AM…
Food Cravings: Not sure why but fruit. Been all over fruit…I think I’ve gone through almost three cartons of raspberries alone…
Symptoms: Well, last week I felt this awful pain below my belly which wouldn’t go away, so when I visited the doc, she mentioned it was something called radial ligament pain. OMG. It hurts when it hits and so now every so often I have to wear a maternity support belt…sigh. Oh, and I still have the joys of sciatica!! Yay. Sense the sarcasm…
Belly Button: Def an innie!

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