Baby S #2 is……………….

That’s right we are having a BOY!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

I couldn’t be more excited about having a boy! A whole new ballgame but thrilled to have one of each! =) I found out the week of Thanksgiving and basically went on a shopping spree for clothes on Black Friday. It was bad… I was so excited about buying stuff from the other side of the store. HAHA. It’s just ever since I’ve had Aria, whenever I walk into a store, I walk to the one side where all the girl stuff is and that is it! Now I get to shop the whole thing!! I’m sure Rudy will just love that as time goes on…

Here is one of my faves that I picked up during the holidays. I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with it. No, like seriously. 

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Nonetheless, we are over the moon about Aria having a little brother! I can’t wait to see how they interact and watch their bond grow. I’ve already started thinking about all the plans I have for the nursery!! More deets to come on that later!!

But here is big sis (Still can’t believe she’s gonna be an older sister! She’s so teeny herself!) playing with the balloons in the backyard! 



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