17 Weeks and Happy New Year’s Eve!!

My goodness! What a whirlwind of a week! A week ago we were all excited about Christmas Eve and here we are ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve and kiss 2014 goodbye!! Makes me a little sad to just think about it. 2014 was amazing and quite a bit happened. What does make me happy is to think about all that 2015 has in store for our little family and how before I even know it, next Christmas will be here and I will have a two sweet babies…A little two year old Aria and a 5 month old boy!! AH! Can’t wait!

Plus here are some extras from when I was taking pictures of my bump! Aria was around so she hopped in on a couple of these and I’m obsessed with the last one!

Christmas was hosted at my house this year so my family drove up from Houston to be here with us. Of course, to make matters a little more difficult for me, I caught a nasty cold that I was battling all week long and especially during the holidays. YUCK. Definitely not fun but we had tons of fun with lots of food, laughter, and constant movie watching! Here are a couple of pictures from our Christmas!

My second tree that I couldn’t not put up because it’s the very first tree Rudy and I put up together in our old house. Too many emotions attached to this guy so he had to be part of our living room! Not to mention, is anyone against two Christmas trees in their house? =)

Who is this big kid? I swear, I literally think she is growing by the second. 
The only picture that came out decent since she’s actually looking at the camera. 
And we out. 

Our plans for tonight include probably going out to dinner a little early so we can come back and put the little one to sleep and then start our own little party of a cozy night in to ring in the new year!
Either way, HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!!! Be safe! See you on the flip side in 2015!

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