16 weeks

Hello 16 weeks or the four month mark! You came fast!
AND… it’s Christmas Eve!! Can you believe it? My parents and sister are coming in today, and I’m so excited to spend the next few days just eating and hanging out with my family.

This week has been absolutely crazy, given that when you’re pregnant with a one year old, it basically means everything is always last minute. That means, gift shopping, wrapping, meal planning, everything! So I’ve been running around like a chicken with their head cut off! The mall and every store has been such a nightmare! EEEK. Glad to finally be done though and sit back and relax! Can I get an amen for some Elf/Home Alone/The Santa Clause with some hot chocolate and too many marshmallows? =)
Not sure if you follow me on Instagram, but here is one of the pictures I took earlier this week with my little Aria crawling between my legs..Haha. Taking this picture made my heart so happy. Two babies soon!

By the way, she is getting to look older and older all the time and whenever I scroll through older pictures on my phone, it makes me sad to think how quickly time truly goes by. She was so tiny…who is this big girl?! Please tell me you other mamas go through your phone and bawl at the baby pictures on your phone so that I’m not the only crazy one! I’m sure my pregnancy hormones don’t help…

Anyhow, here are my 16 week bump stats!

How far along: 16 weeks
Size of our sweet baby: An avocado. =)
Maternity clothes: Yes! Leggings, not to mention I love these gap maternity pants I scored over black friday that I love!
Gender: A BOY!!!
Sleep: Still pretty exhausted..Trying to squeeze in naps whenever the hubs is home!
Food Cravings: Shockingly…nothing. Just food in general is making me happy right now!
Symptoms: A little back pain unfortunately which I’m guessing won’t change as time goes on.. =(
Belly Button: An innie!

PLUS, I felt a couple of kicks this week!!! YAYYYYY!! 

Missed last week’s bump stats? Here they are! 15 weeks

If you want to read more about my first pregnancy at 16 weeks, it’s right here!


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