The best, unplanned, surprise ever!

Yes, that’s right folks. That picture is no mirage. We are expanding from our little family of 3 to 4! I got a bun in the oven and we are over the moon about it! This obviously happened a lot sooner than we had originally planned since we would’ve like a little bit more of a gap between Aria and our second kiddo, but when God gives you a miracle like this, you’ve just gotta cherish it and be thankful. And that is exactly what we are. Our first time around was relatively tough so when this news popped up in our lives, we were thrilled! YAYYYYY for Baby S #2 coming June 2015!!!

I’ve known for a while now and have obviously been dying to spill the beans. Can I just say it’s difficult to keep such exciting news like this to yourself for 3 months! I remember that weekend a few months ago, I was feeling weird and every so often I was nauseous. Rudy was convinced I was pregnant and I had no idea why. The Monday after that weekend rolled around, and something that morning didn’t feel right. So, I went to Target, picked up the Target brand 3-pack pregnancy test, and came home thinking it was just a regular ol’ Monday.

The second I peed on the stick, it gave me two lines. There wasn’t even a wait or a hint of faint lines. It was like: YOU. ARE. PREGNANT. I screamed and was basically running around the house frantically. I facetimed my sister and was screaming into her ear, and showed her the test. For the next few hours, I chugged a ton of water and took the other two tests, and the same thing happened yet again. There was no denying it. I was pregnant!!

I knew I wanted it to be a surprise for Rudy since the first time we got pregnant, I basically sent him a text with a picture of my test because I was way too excited. So this time, I picked up this book, and decided that when he came home that night, and Aria was being fussy, I would hand him the book, and very nonchalantly say “calm her down by reading this book”.

He got home at 6 PM and luckily she was a little upset about 15 minutes later, so I pulled the trigger and handed him the book like it was no big deal. He started reading the title of the book and was like “wait a minute…what are you trying to tell me? Are you pregnant?”. I said a casual, ,”yes”. He didn’t believe it. He was like “no way you’d be this calm if you were pregnant…” So, I went and grabbed the three pregnancy tests and he couldn’t believe it!! He was jumping with joy!

Both had the double lines within seconds!!!

Anyway, I’m 12 weeks today and things are going good. Everything has been good and healthy thus far!! Lil’ Aria and her brother or sister will be 19 months apart. Yup. I’m aware that’s close. The one thing I’ve heard from EVERYONE is “wow…that’s close.” Sometimes, it’s in a happy tone…other times, I can tell I’m being judged. Here’s a friendly tip… if you don’t have anything nice to say to a happy, pregnant woman, don’t say anything at all and say “Congrats” with a smile….Sigh…Ok, end of my mini rant.

Also I cannot wait for my Aria to have a little brother or sister! I know the first year will be tough as I’ve heard from numerous moms, but it’ll be great to have a little partner in crime in each other for my kiddos. Same school at the same time for most of their lives. Same milestones for the most part. Not to mention, Aria loooooves babies so I’m hoping she gets super excited when the little one arrives next summer! It’ll be tough, but also really fun! 

Those sweet chubby cheeks are my fave!! And now I’ll have another little one’s cheeks to kiss on!! =) 

Of course, pregnancy this time around has been a little tougher since I’m chasing a one year old around the house with the first trimester fatigue. I remember being pregnant with Aria and thinking “Hey, I could use a nap…” and then actually taking one. Now, that option is out. So exhaustion is definitely been an enemy. Not really nauseous anymore. Was at the very beginning but it lasted maybe a few weeks and then died down, similar to my pregnancy with Aria. Cravings have mainly been towards asian food. And definitely not wanting anything sweet except the occasional cookie or muffin, which like I said is rare. Also, from about week 4 – week 11, I had a serious aversion to coffee. I was basically disgusted by it even though it’s something I LOVE. I think that has finally died down since I had a cup of coffee yesterday and it didn’t make me gag! YAY!!!  

Anyhow, our next ultrasound is at 14 weeks which thankfully is only two weeks away! CAN’T WAIT to see our little peanut again! 

I’ll try to do pregnancy updates with this one like I did with Aria, but I imagine it’ll be tougher this time around! =) 


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The Comments

  • Jessica Lynn
    November 23, 2014

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I remember seeing this on Instagram and couldn't wait to read your post about it! My kids will be 23 months apart and I still got/get the "wow…that's close" comment. Heh. My in-laws actually didn't even say congrats until a few minutes later, but that's a different post for another day. Anyway, SO exciting! Your daughter is adorable and I can't wait to see your new baby! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well 🙂

    • Alfa Sengupta
      → Jessica Lynn
      November 24, 2014

      Thank you sooooo much!! Yea. People aren't very subtle about their feelings sometimes and it really gets on my nerves since you should probably have only positive vibes towards pregnant women! But yes…I suppose we could rant on about that for another blog post! =)
      I guess we'll have similar issues then with our kids being so close!! Again, thanks so much for the heartfelt congrats girl!!

  • Shweta
    November 24, 2014

    Hey congrats. I m just a follower from India and have been reading your blog a couple of months now. This is so exciting. I am sure u get the "omg two toddlers together " or "a newborn n toddler together" comment but honestly my sister has kids really close in age and now they are best friends. Its awesome so a few minor comments from ppl should just be ignored!!! Congrats again. Be safe

    • Alfa Sengupta
      → Shweta
      November 24, 2014

      Thank you so much!! I love having followers from India! And yes, I'm truly looking forward to being close in age since I know that later on, it'll be awesome for the two of them! Thank you for the kind words. And I will do just what you said..Ignore the negativity because who needs it right?! =)

  • Hina Kaleem
    November 24, 2014

    Hey Alfa!
    Just saw your blog! its so good and congrats on the new bun in the oven… Looking forward to reading more 🙂

  • Sarita @ it's my girls' world
    November 25, 2014

    Wow!! Such amazing news! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!