I cannot believe my little Aria is one. A year ago, I was laying in the hospital looking down at this sweet miracle that had just entered our lives. I had no idea what was ahead of me. I had no idea what motherhood was. Here I am a year later, much wiser thanks to this doll.

I’ve learned more in this one year about myself than in the last 29 years of my life. I’ve learned what and who I value in my life. I’ve learned the importance of patience. I’ve learned what “being tired” actually means. I’ve learned how important time is and how valuable it is. I’ve learned that it’s the little things that really do matter. I’ve learned that a few dirty dishes aren’t the end of the world. I’ve learned to appreciate leftovers on the nights that you’re exhausted and just want to eat something. I’ve learned how much I love coffee. =)

Every day passes and I think I couldn’t possibly love this girl more than I already do, and then it happens. More and more with each passing day. Literally. Moms often start to ramble on and on about how much they love their children and before Aria, I never wholly understood where that babble came from. Now, I ramble just as much. It’s amazing how someone who just steps into your life in just a moment can consume your heart so much. There are so many people in our lives for years and yet, the minute you have a child, in that instant the kind of love you experience is something that is truly amazing and different.

Did I just babble about my love for Aria? Well, I warned you.

Anyhow, Aria is a big ball of fun these days. She is such a calm, happy, silly, easy-going kid. Laughing all the time unless she’s hungry or sleepy, which I’m sure most kids do. Loves other babies and children. Has an obsession with books and reading. Especially books that have anything to do with peek-a-boo or babies. A true tv bug, which I’m sure she gets from daddy dearest. Has the biggest smile on her face when you sing her nursery rhymes. Wants to play outside constantly. Loves bathtime. Has a thing for fruits, especially grapes. LOVES bread and butternut squash.

There of course is a list of things that she isn’t a fan of such as sleeping. From day one, she’s been a terrible napper. Luckily, she started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks (yes, I count my lucky stars) so that has been my saving grace. Also not a huge fan of fish or cauliflower. Definitely has some separation anxiety issues. Isn’t a huge fan of super loud toys.

My silly goofball.

Miss Aria has got seven teeth, is a speed crawler, and is still in size 3 diapers during the day. For whatever reason, the nighttime diaper ended up needing to be a size 4, otherwise catastrophic results in the morning which are not fun to deal with right when you wake up. We’ve got her 1 year well check-up tomorrow so we’ll get her stats then! 

I know this is fun time for us. Every day she’s changing. She’s been pulling up on everything, and is wanting to walk so I’m sure that’ll come soon! She’s got so much to say these days, and her favorite thing to say is “hi”. I’m positive that is definitely her first word since she actually says it with intent. Whenever she sees other babies, she wants to wave or touch them and say “hi”. I’m pretty sure I melt every time. That baby voice. That sweet “hi”. Yup. One of the cutest things she does.

I can’t imagine what these next few months hold for us. I can’t wait to see how she evolves and turns more into a little toddler. I truly try to enjoy these moments that I have now, because I know once they are gone, they are gone forever. That may be dramatic, but I’m fully aware it’s the truth. So I soak in these moments where her words are just babbling and sweet baby talk. I relish the moments she falls asleep in my arms while she still somewhat fits. I adore the way she hugs me today because her little fingers barely reach around my shoulders. Her little smile and giggle. Her short, curly hair. The way she crawls towards me with such happiness, and I can tell she feels so safe in my arms. I will miss all these little things but know there is so much more I have to look forward to. More giggles, more hugs, and more love from my sweet daughter.

I love you sweet, baby girl. I will love you forever, for you will always be my baby.


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