We all have life goals. Travel. Read certain books. Get married. Have kids. And then we also have smaller life goals. You know what I’m talking about… like being able to make really good homemade chocolate chip cookies. OR creme brulee. Haha. Whatever they may be…one of my smaller life goals has always been learning calligraphy, and yesterday I finally took my first class. It was by far one of the most amazing experiences and I’m so glad I’m finally learning!

The whole set-up was so cute! I loved her style and way of teaching since it was interactive. Laura and Alyssa walked around and helped us understand what we were doing right and wrong! Trust me, at first I was holding the pen all types of wrong. It was bad. Completely new to me, especially with how often you have to do dip the nibs into the ink. 

Anyhow, here are a couple of pictures from the class. Obviously, I’m no pro so please excuse my mess-ups on the actual writing!!

I’m hooked. I love calligraphy and it sucks that it’s a dying art. Nonetheless, I gotta practice my ass off so I can actually be good at this! =)


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