Birthday Weekend Ramblings…

At a famous wall on a coffee shop in Austin. =)

Well, 29 has officially reared it’s ugly head. Can’t believe it’s my last year in my twenties…am I where I want to be? Some days I think so…other days not so much. It’s always a toss up in my head because I like to play the “what if?” game…*sigh* I guess we all do right? Nonetheless, I think I’m relatively content so we’ll go with that! Haha. 

Anyhow, my weekend of celebrating was amazing. First of all, my sister did an impromptu visit to Austin which is always a marvelous surprise. We galavanted all day Saturday and hung out with good friends on Sunday. Surrounded by loved ones on a special weekend is a perfect way to celebrate in my opinion!

Some pictures from our Saturday outing..

Sunday, we met up with some friends to eat some tapas and just chill!

But I had to share these adorable pictures of these three sweet girls. Is there anything cuter? In case you were wondering, there isn’t! ;P

Great weekend!! Now onto Monday and to kick off the last year in my twenties. I gotta make it a good one! 



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