Snapshot Sunday

This week has been incredibly busy as I have been trying to get my shop stocked with more items. Things have been going well so I’ve been focusing quite a bit of time on that which is really exciting! Either way, I wanted to share a few snaps from this week since I’ve been somewhat M.I.A.! 

It was tough saying bye to this car. Not only has it been in Rudy’s family forever, but it also holds a lot of memories for us in the past six years. The very first time we hung out, he drove me home in this car! I definitely get attached to inanimate objects, so of course I shed a few tears over this one. =(
But hello new car! Yes. We bought a van. And we freaking love it. It is mommy made and so convenient!! 

These moments make all the rough time worth it. 
Her new favorite obsession: this little cutie loves to find me around the house and try to stand by climbing my legs.  
And because Aria is crawling around everywhere, we put up our first gate on the main staircase! This is the handiwork of my amazing husband!

And then today, Rudy watched Aria while I got some me time! Went out and did some shopping along with coffee shop exploring, which is one of my favorite things to do. My day was amazing and here are some snaps from my Sunday.

First stop was this cute boutique called Olive! 

Scored this cute infinity knot ring! =)

Then drove around some more and stumbled upon a coffee shop I’ve been wanting to go to – Vintage Heart Coffee. How cute is that name? I was so excited I finally got to have a cup of joe there!  

Adorable right? I definitely have to come back!

And now, Monday will rear its ugly head tomorrow. YUCK. 



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