High Five for Friday! [8.1.14]

August? It’s August? I’m not quite sure where July went but it’s definitely gone. I know I’ve been pretty M.I.A this week. The husband has was travelling which meant I was fending for myself while my kiddo figured out crawling. Yup. She’s crawling. That meant nothing was going to get done as she went through this. And to add to the mess, I think a mini-growth spurt took place since naps were a rarity. SIGH. So basically, a looooong week to say the least. 

Anyhow, Happy Friday! I’ve been focusing a lot of my attention on getting my mantle in my living room in order. I’m pretty sick of what it looks like right now. It’s boring and uninspired. The only cool thing is the actual window since it’s vintage and I scored it for like $20! 

Anyway, to revamp the mantle, I turned to trusty, old Pinterest. Found a few ideas for sprucing it up! These are a few of the options I’m thinking of to re-do that area!



I have an old vintage window currently sitting on my mantle but keep thinking if I want something along the lines of this guy. Shutters would be a cool addition in my opinion.



I also just thought about getting a simple mirror without the shutters since I just love the look and shape of this. Simple, yet elegant. 



I  am thinking I want to add maybe a one or a pair of lanterns on the one side of the mantle. I’m loving these distressed pieces! I may not do blue but this is definitely giving me some ideas!



I have a mild obsession with vintage milk cans. Not sure how it came about but I freaking love them. I’m still on the hunt for a really big one so I can put it near my console table at the entry. But I figured a tiny one like this might also be an option for the other side of the mantle.



I’ve always been a fan of kitschy things in my house! So I wouldn’t mind adding these little ceramic birds or something equally whimsical!

Do you have a mantle? What do you have on it? Care to share?? Give me ideas!!

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