Easy 5 Ingredient Spaghetti Sauce

Sometimes a big, bowl of spaghetti is just the ticket. Which is exactly what happened on this past Saturday night for us, since it was date night after Aria went to bed. We had some red wine and some good ol’ spaghetti! Comfort food date at it’s best with some crappy movies. 

I wanted to get the cooking part of the evening over quickly so we could move on and get our date started. Luckily, this took a total of 15 minutes to make and it was delicious to boot! The hubs was praising it, and he is quite picky about pasta sauce so it was a huge success! 

The best part about this is it takes 5 ingredients. If you don’t eat beef, substitute whatever meat you’d like…ground turkey, pork, chicken, etc. And if you want to keep it a little healthier, I would omit the whipping cream perhaps. But my guess is if you’ve chosen a night of spaghetti, you’ve thrown in the towel for being healthy that night! =) 

Oh, and as part of my 5 ingredients, I’m not counting salt because I think that is just a given. Plus, if you’re feeling like making it more interesting, add in other spices like ground cumin or crushed red pepper! Either way, this sauce is bound to please and is versatile to make it just how you want to please your palette! 

2-3 cloves of garlic, minced
1/4 of a red onion, diced
1 lb of ground beef
2 – 15 oz. cans of crushed tomatoes, not drained
2 tbsp of whipping cream (optional)
salt to taste

1. Heat some olive oil in a pan and add the garlic and red onion. Saute for 5-7 minutes or basically until softened and fragrant.
2. Add the ground beef, and saute for about 5 minutes. Should start to brown pretty quickly.
3. Add the crushed tomatoes, and season with salt and anything else you want to add. Mix it all together and let it simmer for 5 -7 minutes.
4. Last but not least, stir in the whipping cream to get it all nice and creamy!

I added a little bit of basil when I served it, but I know not everyone loves basil like I do! But it definitely adds great flavor if you have a thing for that herb! 

How do you do spaghetti? 


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