I’ve been working on Aria’s playroom for god knows how long. I mean, I started it before she was born! Yea. I’m that mom. But, let’s face it…projects with a baby takes about a thousand times longer than sans kiddo. I maybe get a few minutes of craft/diy time in a day which of course means that it takes 100 hours to finish anything! Sigh. Obviously, I think “Alfa time” is absolutely luxurious nowadays!

Either way, I knew from playing on Pinterest enough, I definitely wanted to have a table and chair set in the room. And yes, I’m aware that my daughter isn’t even walking yet I want this! HA.

Anywhooooo, I’ve seen so many different Ikea Latt hacks on Pinterest, and I knew I just had to get it! I loved that it was affordable and customizable at the same time! I loved this one and this one, and automatically knew that I wanted something similar.

Given that this is my main color palette for that room, I knew I would use the same colors to paint the table/chairs. But I knew red would be too bold, and I wanted something a bit more subtle, so I went ahead and just used the green and the blue.

Side note: I basically stick to these colors but am ok with various shades of these colors…I’m not trying to be perfect! Plus, I doubt that Aria will care! 🙂

I went ahead assembled the set first. There was no way I  was going to be able to figure out where to tape it off if I didn’t. So here is the plain ol’ table. Cute on it’s own but everything can always use a little color right?!

I used painters tape to tape off the sections I wanted to leave as plain wood, and went to town on the chairs with a green. They turned out super cute and it was an immediate obsession to be honest. 

Then came the table, which I also taped off and painted a light blue color, since it was meant to match the word “dream” on a particular wall. 

I love the colors together! It came out beautiful! 

Here is the wall where I put the set. I think it looks really cute there for now.  I’m still contemplating on what else I want to add to the wall.  Either way, once I have it finished, I will definitely post a tour of the play room!



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