Our first vacation with a baby.

Sun kissed skin. Belly full of avocados and pina coladas. Toes in the sand. Relaxation by the pool. 

As I type this, I’m not sure why we ever left our little paradise in Cancun. 

I can’t believe I was counting down to this vacation for months and now it’s behind me. I was so depressed on Friday morning when we had to leave the resort. When we returned to Austin, I was already on the computer trying to book another vacation! We’ll see if I can make it happen…I think I’ve mostly convinced hubby dearest on it. =)

Spending time away from the house was amazing. As a mom, it’s nice to not have to think about all the household chores once in a while. I wasn’t worried about dishes, laundry, vacuuming, cooking, etc. It was such a freeing feeling. And thankfully, that’s a true vacation. If you were following me on Instagram, I’m sure you know how obsessed I was with Mexico and being on vacation!

We were in Cancun from Monday-Friday and soaked up every second of the week. Well, as much as we could with a baby that is. But we pushed Aria pretty hard and she did amazing. I’m honestly amazed at how wonderful she was this whole trip, including the flights. Both flights were direct, and I nursed during takeoff and landing on both of them. And she slept a little during the flights but she was truly angelic the whole time. I think she literally cried for a total of 30 seconds on our flight back to Austin. Honestly, I was SHOCKED. And a proud momma at the same time!

Not to mention, this little girl loves water. She was so happy to play in the water. The ocean was a bit chilly for her, but she was a huge fan of the pool! She would get tired, and then just nap in my arms while I layed by the pool, with a drink in my hand. Perfection at its best.

Aria amused by sand. 🙂

Either way, travelling with a baby is no joke. Luckily, we didn’t expect it to be the same like when it was just Rudy and I. We had anticipated this being tougher obviously. But, we also know that this is a different phase of our life: Family vacations. Something different to cherish altogether. The way her face lit up when she saw the ocean. Or the way she sat in the sand and watched daddy make her a sand castle. These little moments are what my vacation completely worth going somewhere with her. I know she will not remember any of it, but it’s important to me to make memories with her in all sorts of ways, at all stages of her life.

Anyhow, we had an amazing time to say the least. I cannot wait to plan my next vacation (hopefully later this year!) By the way, god knows how many pictures I took but here are a few snaps from the trip!

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