Mango Tango.

Being on an all-inclusive resort that serves drinks around the clock allows you to try all sorts of fun drinks on the menu. We had our fill of martinis, pina coladas, cuba libres, mimosas, and god knows what else. 

However, the one drink that we couldn’t get enough of was this amazing little cocktail called a Mango Tango.

Either way, I had a few and loved how the flavors complimented each other. Strawberry and Mango. Doesn’t it already sound good? Anyway, when we landed back in Austin, we were both talking about how much we already missed the good ol’ Mango Tango. I promise we’re not alcoholics. HA. 

Anyhow, we decided that it was time to go ahead and re-create that cocktail since it was also perfect for the summer heat! A quick trip to the liquor store for some mixers and we were in business! 

– 1/2 cup of Master of Mixes, Strawberry Daiquiri/Margarita Flavor
– 1/2 cup of Master of Mixes, Mango Daiquiri/Margarita Flavor
– 1 shot of clear rum
– 1 cup of ice (divided)
– Slices of limes for garnish (optional)
Note: If you wish, you can definitely blend regular strawberries and mangos in the blender for for a fresher taste! We happened to choose the easy route! WIN! =)

1. Blend the strawberry daiquiri mix with half of the ice in a blender to get a good slushie consistency. Pour it into your glass.
2. Blend the mango mix with the rest of the ice to get the same consistency. Add it to the same glass on top of the blended strawberry mix.
3. Add the shot of rum (or more if you want to get crazy!) and stir to mix it all together!
4. Garnish with a slice of lime.

By the way, this recipe doubles really easily. It’s also simple to make a large batch of this for a party we realized! You just need a large blender! =)

Now, kick back, put your feet up, and pretend like you’re chillin’ next to the beach with this delicious cocktail in hand. I’m sure for some of you who live near the beach can make that a reality…I however, am forever in dream land given I’m down in Austin, Texas! No good beaches in sight folks. 

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