8 months.

Eight months have passed that this little angel was brought into my world. My whole universe has been turned upside down in the most positive way possible. I honestly love being a mother. Yes, I mean it. And I’m sure I will have days that are tough, but the minute I hear that laugh or see that deep, long stare from her, all my worries just seem to disappear. It’s amazing how having a kid can change that about you. 

Aria is one spunky, hyper kiddo. Always on the move. Always laughing. Loves to absorb anything you want to teach her. The minute you start singing you have her attention. She especially loves other babies. So many times we have been at the grocery store when she sees another baby nearby, and she just immediately starts talking and looking at the other baby and wants to play! Little miss socialite already. 

She still sleeps through the night thankfully. She doesn’t have any teeth yet so we haven’t faced those dreaded teething nights yet. I’m sure those will be interesting. 

She does however, have a VERY loud voice. When she talks, she can be heard from a mile away. She has found her voice and she loves it. She gets so excited too! It’s so adorable!
Always has something to say. I can tell that she’s definitely going to be a little chatterbox. If you know me, you know she got that from me. =)

Like I said before, Aria is super active…BUT, the one thing she sits still for is books. She is such a little bookworm. She could be in the most hyper state, and the minute you open a book near her, she is just standstill. She LOVES to read. I can honestly say I love that about her. I love to read and to see her passion for books truly makes me happy.

The hubs happened to take a couple of me reading to her. Can I just say that these are some of my favorite pictures in the last eight months. I’m rarely in pictures because I’m always behind the camera and this is a good indication to me that I need to get in pictures more.

As for her daily routine, it hasn’t changed that much from my six month post. She is much more awake nowadays with two naps during the day. Here is what her daily routine looks like right now…

7:30 – Wake up and nurse

7:45 – 8:30 – Lay around with momma and cuddle

8:30 – Breakfast which normally consists of yogurt and maybe some fruit

8:30 – 10:30 – Playtime/activities (nursery rhymes, reading, etc)

10:30 – Morning nap

11: 30 – Wake up and nurse

11:30 – 12 – Chill time with momma

12 – Snack which normally consists of banana

12:15 – 1:30 – Play or run errands with momma

1:30 – Lunch which consists of vegetables and/or fruits. Sometimes a scrambled or boiled egg. Maybe some pasta. 

2:00 – Bath

2:30/3 – Afternoon nap

4/4:30 – Wake up from nap and nurse

5 – 7 – Play some more and wait for daddy to get home.

7/7:30 – Dinner which normally consists of rice, lentils, and a protein (chicken/fish/boiled egg/ etc)

8 – Nurse one last time

8:30 – Bedtime

This phase of her life is so much fun. She’s constantly changing day by day. Growing every minute. She’s got such a bright and vibrant personality. Also, I’m hoping she’s gonna start crawling soon! She’s definitely lifting up off her bum and trying to get to things but hasn’t figured out the whole using the knees thing to her advantage. HA.

Anyway, tomorrow, we leave for Cancun. I’m hoping that she will do well while we are in Mexico. I’m mostly worried about the flight. Seems so daunting. But no way am I going to stop my life cuz I had a kiddo. Might be a little tougher but that’s what I signed on for right?! =)

I probably won’t be posting on the blog for a few days! This momma needs a break and a few cocktails! See you guys in a week! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with our shenanigans in Mexico! 

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