Summer Essentials (and a freebie!)

Saturday is just around the corner which marks the first official day of summer!! In all fairness, living down here in Texas basically means that summer began over a month ago given that we are already hitting temps in the high 90s. Pools are filled with kids because there is no school. The mall is bustling with mommas and kiddos. Restaurants are much noisier. I just love it. The best part of it all…no school zone traffic or traffic in the mornings. I live near like 4 schools and I swear every time I step out of the house, there is always a school zone in effect. It. Drives. Me. Crazy. And yes, I’m aware it’s there for safety but it’s still annoying. 

But I digress. Anywhoooooo, here are some summer essentials I’m loving on for the summer! 

[1] Poolside reading material

Always good to have a couple of books on hand to read by the pool or beach. I’m currently reading “The Fault in Our Stars“, and I would’ve finished it by now except that having a 7-month old definitely means less reading time. And yes, I’m aware that the movie is out but I HAVE to finish this before I watch it. I always like to do a compare and contrast of the movie and book. Yes, I’m also aware that was a geeky statement. 

The other book I’m dying to get my hands on is “The One and Only” by Emily Griffin. She’s one of my favorite authors for a good, fun, easy read!

[2] Swimsuit coverup
I love swimsuit coverups! Always so cute and airy! I’m loving the color of this one right now!

[3] Fedora
Always good to the face as much as possible during the summer heat! A good hat can do the trick, and I love fedoras. I love that this one is charcoal gray and is different from the plain one! 

[4] Beach towel

I remember the crazy, tacky beach towels I had as a kid. It’s nice to finally be able to get my hands on some “grown up” towels like this one. By the way, am I a grown up if I still say grown up?! HA. 

[5] Beach/Pool Tote

We always need something to take our stuff to the pool right? Why not have a cute tote to drag everything down! I’m obsessed with polka dots and navy and I this bag just spoke to me basically. 

[6] Sunglasses

I never spend a ton on sunglasses because I have a horrid habit of breaking or losing sunglasses. So my rule is to always spend no more than $20 on them. I found these chic aviators at H&M for $8. A complete win in my book. 

[7] Swimsuit
Well, I’m a momma and still have those last 3 lbs to lose so I’m rockin’ a one piece. I love this retro swimsuit! Adorable and chic! 

[8] Sandals
I love sandals. I think I wear them practically all year round except for that one month where I sport boots in Texas for our fake winter cold. Anyway, I absolutely these. I have the biggest infatuation with neutrals and gold. 

[9] Sunscreen

Last but not least, it’s important to make sure you’re putting on some sunscreen while being outdoors this summer no matter what the activity. This specific sunscreen is amazing because it’s water-and-sweat proof, contains no parabens, is hypoallergenic, and is oil-free. To make it even better, it’s got the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval. No beating that! 

Also, another essential might be a little summer decor for your desk or shelf or wherever! Here is a free summer printable! Feel free to download it from here!

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