High Five for Friday! [6.27.14]

Happy Friday! This week has completely flown by since Rudy’s family has been here visiting! I’m pretty happy the weekend is here though! Can’t believe it’s already June 27th! My birthday is 3 months from today…geez. I feel like I just turned 28 and now I have to face turning 29 in like 12ish weeks. So not ready to start the last year of my twenties yet! 

But I digress…

ANYHOW…..Let’s get to my five for Friday!


Well, I decided to chop off my hair once again yesterday. I’m so incredibly happy that I did it! I went for a short, slightly angled bob and I LOOOOOVE it! My head feels so much lighter! I was just so sick of my old look…I’ve had it for so long and needed something new! And by the way, I’m glad I didn’t do this when I was pregnant! I know many people had warned me about wanting to chop hair off or get a new look when you become preggo, but luckily I listened and definitely waited. Good plan. And here’s a pic of my new do with my awesome duck face selfie. 


I have to boast about this amazing wooden ampersand I ordered from this amazing Etsy shop! It is so cute, and I can’t wait to order more stuff from this store! I’m working on a cute little gallery wall in my studio space in my house and this is going up on the wall!


Ok, I just had to share this cute little picture of my sweet nugget when we went swimming earlier this week for the first time! Is there anything cuter than babies in bathing suits? The answer is no my friends. 


So when you walk into my house, the staircase is one of the first things in the foyer. I’m not a huge fan of those ugly white gates that you can get for the staircase so kiddos don’t climb up. So I begged Rudy to make me a gate that was more to our taste since we don’t plan on taking it down anytime soon! UM. I’m so impressed with the gate he made for our staircase! It’s beautiful and this picture barely does it any justice. And yes, living in Austin basically meant that there had to be a longhorn on it, especially since my hubs went to the University of Texas. 


Last, but not least, I’m so sad my mother-in-law is leaving today. She has been such a massive help these last two weeks with Aria, and she’s taught me quite a few things. She’s amazing with Aria, and it will suck to not have someone to talk to all day! She’s been reading, playing, and teaching Aria constantly. Aria is going to probably freak out when she realizes that grandma isn’t around! Not to mention, thanks to her, Rudy and I finally got to have a date night earlier this week! We are seriously going to miss her! =(

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  • Sarita @ it's a girl's world
    June 28, 2014

    Your hair looks great! And yes, I love when family comes to visit! Lots of helping hands!

    • Alfa Sengupta
      → Sarita @ it’s a girl’s world
      June 29, 2014

      Thanks! And yes!! I love having extra hands around! I don't eat up scarfing down my lunch while singing nursery rhymes and dancing! Or having to literally run to the bathroom! HAHA! Oh, motherhood! =)