5 favorite drugstore beauty products!

As a new mom I rely on a few of beauty products now to make my life a lot easier. These are all easy finds at the drugstore, Ulta, or Amazon (I’m addicted to Amazon Prime like nobody’s business)! I’m definitely not a beauty expert, but I’ve noticed that I keep buying these products over and over, and that means something to me! If I had all the time in the world like I used to, I would still use these because they are amazing and help my skin feel and look amazing. And by the way, do you moms ever wonder what used to keep us “busy” before kids? I feel like now all those complaints were so silly given how I barely have time for myself nowadays!


Cetaphil Daily Face Cleanser

This cleanser is amazing. Simple and does the job exceptionally, and doesn’t leave a residue. No crazy ingredients either. I remember the first time I was told about..it was when I got a facial like 5 years ago by my aesthetician. Since then, I’ve been using the same cleanser. Nothing fancy, but keeps my skin clean and clear. LOVE IT and I’m pretty sure I’ll always rely on this stuff to keep my face squeaky clean. 🙂


KMS Free Shape Quick Blow Dry

I’m a huge fan of the blow out. I would love to blow my hair out all the time, but I never really get the time. Thankfully, this product has helped me to give my hair a good blow out when I want to. It speeds up the blow drying time, and helps shape it so it isn’t extra fizzy from the hair dryer. I don’t use it each time I wash my hair because I do like to curl my hair, but now I always have the option to have an awesome blow out when need be!


Garnier BB Cream

Now, I know the BB Cream craze has been around a while. I was never a huge fan of foundation growing up so I was hesitant about the BB creams in the beginning, but I’m so glad I found one that works so well! I can understand now why there is such a buzz about BB Creams. I love this Garnier BB Cream because it’s perfect for if I wanna have a little more glam makeup day. Goes on smooth and doesn’t leave a “cakey” feeling. If you’re thinking about giving a BB Cream a try, do it! One of the best makeup products you’ll own!


L’oreal Active Daily Moisturizer

I’m obsessed with this moisturizer. It is incredible. I apply it once in the morning after applying the Olay regenerist serum because it’s a great base for makeup. Plus, it’s SPF 15, which I’m big on. Definitely need to be sporting some SPF in my opinion. With all the crazy skin cancer scares, I feel better when I know my face has a little bit of protection from the sun. This isn’t thick or super creamy. Light and airy, smells amazing and not too overwhelming. Glides on easy and smooth for the perfect, everyday face moisturizer.


Olay Regenerist Serum

OK. This product is amazeballs. I put it on after I wash my face in the morning in the shower with

the Cetaphil. My skin feels like butter, it is so soft. I love how smooth it makes my skin without feeling oily. It is also fragrance free so just in case you’re into fragrances for facial products, this might not be for you. Anyhow, love this serum and though it’s a small bottle, you only need a little bit each day, so it’ll last you a while! Has made a massive difference on my skin and I definitely swear by it.

I hope these products can bring you an easier morning if you are a momma or are just looking for some easy products to try to keep your routine simple! 

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  • Emily @ Beauty and the Greek
    June 2, 2014

    I love Cetaphil! Any time I try something different, I always go back to it. It keeps my skin from drying out, but removes my makeup like a champ. Love! I'm also in love with that BB cream. It's actually the only kind I've tried, but I don't see any need to branch out. 🙂

    Thanks SO much for linking up with us!


  • Jessica K Smith
    June 7, 2014

    I've never tried the Garnier BB cream. I love the Maybelline one and the e.l.f. one. I'll have to try that one when I run out. 🙂 I have tried the L'oreal moisturizer and I did like it. It had such a fun consistency compared to other moisturizers.

    I love these kind of posts! It's so fun to see what everyone uses and loves everyday.