28 Things

I’m going to turn 29 this year in September so I figured before I start my last year in my twenties, I’m going to share a quick list of 28 things about me! 

[1] I have an obsession with Gilmore Girls & watch it every day on ABC family in the morning with my cup of coffee. I can recite every single episode. NO. JOKE.
[2] I wish I could garden or have some sort of green thumb, but I don’t and that’s just a reality. I’ve killed cacti before…in Texas. Yea, not my strong suit.
[3] I kinda find super clean freaks annoying.
[4] I was born in India and lived there til’ I was 6. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, California, South Carolina, and now live in Texas.
[5] I skipped first grade when I moved to the states, so I was ALWAYS the youngest. It sucked.

[6] I despise being late. and I get extremely frustrated if it’s somebody else that has made me late. I like punctuality.
[7] I Hate with a capital H, needles. *shiver* That scene in Saw 2 when that kid is thrown into the pile of needles gave me heebie jeebies for like a month.
[8] I have an infatuation with rain, thunderstorms, and cloudy days. The gloomier the better in my book.
[9] I despise unsolicited advice…especially when it is not constructive in any manner.
[10] I’m the worst liar because I suck at it. All my emotions are evident on my face. If you piss me off, you’ll know…
[11] I have every Friends episode memorized.
[12] I love love love noodles. Whether it’s pasta, lo-mein, pad thai, or whatever, I could live off it everyday. I mean it. Everyday.
[13] I have a thing for danishes, and I’ll eat anything that has blueberries in it or that is blueberry flavored.
[14] My favorite colors are gray, mustard yellow, mint, and blush pink.
[15] I’m not the biggest fan of ice cream or the frosting on cupcakes.
[16] I HATE movies like Paranormal. Stuff like that resides with me for a very long time. That scene in the first one where she gets dragged out of bed because her foot was over the edge of the bed. Well, that has got me scarred. NEVER will I hang my foot off the bed. NEVER.
[17] I hold grudges like nobody’s business. I blame it on the libra in me.
[18] I’m pretty type A about some stuff like my clothes. I have to have my clothes in my closet arranged and sectioned off in colors. It drives me nuts when I’m looking for a white shirt and it isn’t in the white section. UGH.
[19] Painting truly makes me happy.
[20] I have girl crushes on Karmin, Emma Stone, and Anne Hathaway.
[21] I wish I was better at writing. Sometimes I wish I would’ve majored in journalism or something with writing instead of engineering.
[22] I’m a morning person and love to feel like I’ve accomplished a few tasks on my to-do list in the morning.
[23] My husband and I both had the same pediatrician in India when we lived there but our parents didn’t know one another.
[24] One of the scariest moments in my life is when I fell asleep at the wheel on a highway. I’m positive somebody was watching over me that night, because there are days I wonder how I survived.
[25] I got lasik done after wearing glasses/contacts for 15 years. Best money I’ve ever spent on myself.
[26] I have an obsession with Christmas & love to decorate my house for the holidays. This year I want two Christmas trees in my house. We’ll see if I can convince the hubs. =P
[27] I’ve always wanted three kids because I’ve always wanted a large family. Now that I have a little one, I’m a little embarrassed to say I definitely don’t think I could handle three…maybe 2…we’ll see. So kudos to those mommas with multiple kiddos!
[28] My dad and I share the same birthday. So basically, I have been overshadowing his birthday for 29 years this September.

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The Comments

  • Jaba Menon
    June 10, 2014

    Hi…we have not met but I am enjoying whatever I am learning about you through Facebook/ blog etc…bless the social media…and love to you..

    • Alfa Sengupta
      → Jaba Menon
      June 10, 2014

      Hi! No we haven't but I agree that social media has made it easier to get to know one another! =) I'm thrilled you enjoy my blog!

  • Jessica Lynn
    June 10, 2014

    These were so much fun! My husband and I also shared a pediatrician (we met after we both moved out of state). I feel like I wanted to comment on a lot of other things you mentioned, but I haven't had coffee yet. Fun post!

  • Lisa Loves John
    June 11, 2014

    Girlfriend!! #16 = ME TOO… hate those kind of movies! And #26 = Agree!! Double the Christmas tree, double the Christmas spirit 🙂 🙂

    • Alfa Sengupta
      → Lisa Loves John
      June 12, 2014

      What's even more sad is that I still watched Paranormal 2 and 3. Something is seriously wrong with me! And yes! The more Christmas trees, the better! =)

  • Sarita G
    June 12, 2014

    Love the new look of the blog and the new name! Congrats!