Weekend Ramblings… {Memorial Weekend!}

Oh my goodness, I’m so sad the long weekend has come to a close. Long weekends are the best way to recharge sometimes. A whole lot of nothing/relaxing with a drink in a hand. Can you ask for anything better? Not for me! 

Warning: lots of pictures!! 


Aria and I kicked off our Friday by being lazy in bed in the morning and just cuddling. I’m going to miss these moments as she gets older. I love how she nuzzles up to me right now, and everything I do is immediate amusement to her. 

We then met up with daddy to head over to one of our favorite restaurants, North. I’m absolutely obsessed with this place. Their food. Their decor. I. WANT. IT. ALL.  Plus the mood and ambience were perfect since we were sitting outside, and it was drizzling. Something about sitting outside with the pitter patter of rain makes my heart happy. I mean, I also had a sangria in hand, but still. Anyhow, if you live in Austin, I highly recommend that place. Our favorite item on the menu is the proscuitto and fig pizza!! 

Oh, and Ms. Aria was sporting her very first ponytail!!! Is there anything cuter than a little fountain ponytail atop a baby’s head? I think not. 

EW. Excuse my no make-up face. =P

Woke up and got our day started early by heading to an amazing children’s museum, Thinkery. A great recommendation from our friends. This place is perfect for kiddos to get their energy out and also probably have a sensory overload! It was amazing!

So obsessed with this picture! It looks like she is just saying “no way!” to daddy!! HAHA. LOVE IT. 

Came back home, and the little one and I had a nice, long afternoon nap. And the evening was just a chilled out Saturday evening since it was drizzling again! Good reason to stay indoors, sit on the couch, and have a beer.

Sunday, or as I called it a second Saturday this weekend, was pretty awesome. Though it was gloomy yet again, our friends had invited us over to their lake house and we chilled there all day, drank, and ate some bbq. Now, that’s a good Sunday.

[Monday – Memorial Day]
Started off well since it was raining. By the way, did I mention I love rain. Well I do. I seriously love gloomy days. I think I might be one of the few ones, but there is just something so romantic about rain in my opinion, and I absolutely love it. Just makes me want to curl up on the couch with a book/movie, coffee, and lots of snuggles with my family.
Either way, we just relaxed at the house and we got to work on some house projects we’ve been wanting to do. Not to mention, I learned how to sand and stain wood! Ok, I know for some this might seem like such a mundane thing, but I didn’t know how to do it til’ today! I feel so good about it! And lemme tell ya, I’m a fan. I want to stain everything! HA. I see lots of interesting wood projects in the near future. Once I finish what I was working on, I’ll post about it! All I can say is that it’s turning out pretty cute!

Also got my succulents into this sweet Corona bucket I had laying around…turned out cute right?! 

Anyway, back to the work week..bleh.  I guess the advantage is that it’s a 4 day work week!! Hooray for that!

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