High Five for Friday! {5.30.14}

Hooray for a short week! I love four day work weeks! It seems like it should always be this way…I don’t know who thought 5 day work-week and 2 day weekends were a good idea. Definitely not balanced in my opinion! I’m thinking we should all somehow vote for 4 day work weeks with 3 day weekends…who’s with me? =)

Onto my five for today!

Lil’ Aria is a fan of “Let it Go” from Frozen. Everytime we put it on, there is no way we are gonna get her attention back. She just soaks in every second. It is so freakin’ adorable to watch. The minute it’s over, she starts making these annoyed, frustrated sounds. HA. I can see tantrums and fits in my future…
Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram, you saw how she was in complete awe as I sung the song yesterday. I didn’t even realize it til I looked down, and she was just looking up at me in amazement. ADORABLE. I love how she probably thinks I’m a rockstar…if only she knew the truth…

Aria is a massive fan of butternut squash, but I’ve noticed that everytime I touch it my hands have a semi-allergic reaction. I get little red bumps, and it itches, and it’s just not fun. And yes, I’ve tried cutting it with gloves on. Anyhow, while I was telling my sister-in-law this story, she introduces me to the fact that you can buy it pre-cut. UM. WHAT? Yea. I had no idea. And if you did, then good for you. 😛
I did not and I’m so excited that all I have to do is buy it in a little container all nice and chopped for me! And if you’ve been chopping it this whole time, I highly recommend buying it pre-cut since chopping butternut squash is already a massive pain!

Not sure if you read my Five on Friday two weeks ago, but I was so jazzed about Miss Aria being able to sit up in a cart at Target. Welllllllll, our grocery stores have carts that fit two kids (Texas sized carts) so Aria couldn’t fit in it because she would just topple over. Sigh. FINALLY, she can sit up perfectly in the cart so that is a huge deal. A HUGE DEAL. I’ve waited almost 7 months for this!! Otherwise, I would have to schedule my grocery trips so that Rudy could watch her while I went because, let’s face it, it’s not fun to push around a stroller while grocery shopping for the week. You can get what, like 10 items? So anyway, this is a massive thing for me! If you’re a mom and are going through the phase of pushing a stroller around the grocery store, I promise, it’ll come to an end one day!!! Meanwhile, you have my sympathies.

First time in a grocery cart! I don’t think she’s nearly as excited as I was. Plus, there are probably some shoppers who were looking at me like “why are you taking a picture of you kid sitting in a cart!?” HA.  Oh, the simple joys!

So after having my baby girl, I had kinda sworn off F21 for the most part. I guess I didn’t really go in there when I got preggo either since of course nothing was gonna fit! Anyhow, everything in there just looked so “high-schoolish” if you will. Well, I walked in there the other day and I can honestly say, I found some of the cutest stuff that us moms can totallysport! Plus, their prices are always friendly so it’s a win-win! So if you’ve been doubting F21 because you’re a momma, I suggest heading back there to give it another chance. You never know! Looks at these two adorable finds for less than $30 total! YEA. I KNOW.

While the skirt is super adorable, I couldn’t find it online! But they also had one that had coral stripes instead of the mint which I totally would’ve gotten but they ran out of smalls. Bleh. 

Couldn’t find these exact shorts online but found something similar!

Of course I’m still working on more party decor for my sister’s grad party. I swear if I didn’t have a 6-month old, I would have finished everything in probably like 3 days.
Anyhow, remember how I learned how to stain and sand wood over memorial weekend? Well it was for this piece of wood. ;P
HAHA. Talk about anti-climatic. Either way, I’m really proud of myself. And then I painted some MDF letters maroon that I had picked up from Hobby Lobby. Glued them onto the wood! TA-DA! I’m waiting for the glue to finish drying so I can clean up the white residue! Anyhow, I made this so that she can also use it for her apartment decor this fall!

P.S. – Excited to link up again with these lovely ladies – DarciChristinaApril, & Natasha!!

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  • Les
    May 30, 2014

    That skirt is super adorable! I can't wait to have our baby so I can start wearing cute clothes again! Haha! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!