High Five for Friday {5.16.14}

Happy Friday!

Ok, I’m all about the little wins right now. I think being a mom makes you appreciate the little things A LOT MORE. I remember being excited when Aria could recognize me, and even more happy when she could hold her head up (man, my life felt so much easier when that happened). And now she’s sitting up, so I’ve been patiently awaiting the day where I could easily go to the store and put her in the cart…and it finally happened!!! Hopefully I won’t need to pull out the stroller every time I go out!! You guys, this is a big win in my book! Here she is sitting up in the cart!! WOOOHOOOO! Yes, I’m at Target..DUH.

I don’t think she’s nearly as excited as I am. HAHA. Poor kiddo. 

So in my six month post about Aria, I mentioned how she’s obsessed with her Peek-A-Baby book. I got her another book similar to it…she hasn’t quite warmed up to it like the other one, but I have a feeling she’ll come around to it once I read it to her over and over. I think she’s just really into the way I squeal “peek-a-boo” when I read it to her…I get way too animated. Let’s just say I’m glad she’s my only audience. =)

Speaking of things Aria loves, she is in love with a video on youtube. I don’t know if you guys know about it, but I found out about it from my friend Amber and it turns out, her son is also super into it. Must have something to do with the animations, but kids love it! Aria just STARES at the tv with so much concentration…it’s hilarious. I let her watch it like 2-3 times a day and she goes insane every time! It’s basically when I eat. Those few minutes are precious when I get to stand at the kitchen counter and scarf down a sandwich, bagel, soup, or whatever I can get my hands on!

Heading to Houston this weekend to see my sister go to prom!!!! So excited to see her get all dolled up! I still can’t believe how quickly the last 17 years have gone by. She’ll be graduating high school in a few weeks which is completely blowing my mind. I feel like my parents were just telling me I was going to have a baby sister, and here she is about to start the next chapter of her life in a couple of months. Like, whoa.

I took these pictures of Aria yesterday, and I feel like she looks so much older. Time is passing by so quickly! I was perusing old pictures on my phone, and saw some of her 2 month old pictures and realized that I won’t always have her as my little girl. She will never be as little as she is today, tomorrow. I got so depressed just thinking about it! I’m sure my hormones are playing a part, but it’s making me realize to soak in every minute of every day. I guess it really is true: The nights are long but the years are short.

P.S. – Excited to link up again with these lovely ladies – DarciChristinaApril, & Natasha!!

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  • Trish
    May 16, 2014

    she's such a cutie! I think I need that shirt for myself (shakes and smiles) lol

    Trish – my five on friday

    • Alfa Sengupta
      → Trish
      May 18, 2014

      Haha you and me both! I'm obsessed with her clothes…I'm positive she has cuter outfits than I do! 😛

  • Kelli Herrington
    May 19, 2014

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I love reading new blogs. You little girl is precious and I remember when my kids finally was at the age to be placed in the cart and it was like heaven.