Halfway to 1!

Not sure how Aria has already completed half a year. I feel like it was just yesterday I was delivering her at the hospital and all this chaos was happening around me. I guess time has flown by and now my baby girl is 6 months old!
Just the mere fact that I will be celebrating Aria’s first birthday in another 6 months is blowing my mind. No, I haven’t started planning her party. Do I want to? HELL YES. But that’s a whole other story…

Life is starting to become more routine with her. And I know a lot of people say that each day gets a little easier and while that’s true for some, I seem to think that the challenges you faced yesterday disappear/get easier and then new ones appear. For example, breastfeeding was tough at the beginning, and now that has become second nature to me. However, teething (no teeth yet but lots of drool!) is a brand new problem, and quite challenging! So basically I’ve learned that when you finally master whatever problem you had or are experiencing, expect another one to show its’ face, cuz folks, it’s a vicious cycle.

Her schedule is pretty simple, and it’s made my life a thousand times easier to keep her on a routine so I can plan our days. This is pretty much what it looks like 90% of the time. Other times when she wakes up early or late can affect her schedule a teeny bit but not by much.

7:30/8 – Wake up and nurse
8:15-10 – Play
10-11:30 – Morning nap
11:30 – Lunch/Nurse
12-2:30 – Play or we get out of the house to run the day’s errands
2:30 – Nurse
3 – 3:30 – Bath/playtime
3:30 – 5 – Afternoon nap
5 – Nurse
5:15 – 8 – Play outside/go for a walk/etc
8/8:15 – Dinner/Nurse
9/9:15 – Bedtime
11:30 – Dream Feed (Nurse)

I remember six months ago I always wondered how people got their kids on a schedule. Now that it’s finally happened, I can honestly say I love it and that it does EVENTUALLY happen. Babies like routine I’ve noticed, and it makes the momma’s life much simpler. So if you’re worried and thinking there is no light at the end of the tunnel, I promise, it’ll happen!

Yes she is chewing on the six month sticker…she was way too excited to have it so I didn’t take it away until I was done taking pictures! =)

As for Aria, she is a seriously a ball of energy. I don’t think I’ve met a more active 6 month old. She always wants to be doing something…ALWAYS. She is curious about everything, and wants to touch everything. She isn’t really one who will just lay on a playmat and chill. She’s gotta be chewing on one toy while holding another, all the while needing to see me…singing a song…while dancing. That’s right..our playtime is very entertaining to say the least with all the interesting songs and dances I come up with to keep her fully entertained. HA. She can sit up now as well for the most part…she still doesn’t know how to catch herself if she starts toppling over, but I have a feeling she’ll have that figured out pretty quickly.
Plus, she is definitely going through a stranger danger phase. She freaks out the moment I leave the room. Also, she used to go to most people and now she will freak out if someone else holds her. People have assured me it’s just a phase (thank god)! I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the cuddles and snuggles from her, but momma needs a break too sometimes! =P

Love the progression from the previous picture to this one. It literally happened just like the pictures. HA. Hey, she wants what she wants…no question about it.

– Loves to put EVERYTHING in her mouth
– Loves hide and seek
– Sitting in her high chair. For some odd reason, the minute she sees it she wants to be in it. She doesn’t need food…she just loves that thing!
– Going for walks since she’s finally facing outward and enjoys being able to see everything.
– Swinging outside on the swingset
– The remote. She practically leaps at it. We finally had to find another remote and took the batteries out of it so she could play with it. She has all the toys in the world, but I’m pretty sure that’s the one that will make her the most happy at any given moment.
– Loves to look at books. Her favorite book is this flap book called Peek-A-Baby. I have a feeling she loves the way I say “peek-a-boo” when I read it to her.

I couldn’t believe we had her 6-month checkup yesterday. Talk about a doozy of a doctors appointment given that she had to get 4 shots (ok, one was oral but still!!!)…oh, the cruelty! I loathe needles completely(hated that part about being pregnant!) and to prick my sweet baby just upsets me so much! I’ve always had to leave the room when the nurses prick her because I just cannot handle that blood-curdling cry. =(
Yea, I’m a pansy.
Anyhow, baby girl is super healthy. She weighs about 14 lbs 11 oz and is 26 inches tall! Music to my ears!

All in all, it gets more fun with each passing day. She’s growing so fast and watching her change daily is amazing. I have a feeling this is definitely the fun phase as she starts to interact more. Can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store for us!

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