High Five for Friday! {4.25.14}

Happy Friday!

This week went by so fast. I’m shocked how quickly my days go by nowadays. I literally think my day moves in terms of Aria’s feedings and nap times… true mom life I suppose! I remember when it moved more around my day – breakfast, lunch, dinner. Now, if I can get a meal at the table, that is a LUXURY! Most days I basically eat super (I mean super!) fast at the kitchen counter while my lovebug plays in her exersaucer. By the way, thank god for that thing. It really is my saving grace on some days…also sometimes the only way I can get to the bathroom.  Too much detail? Welcome to real life.

OK, I have to talk about this video that has gone super viral – The toughest job. This guy basically is interviewing a bunch of people about a certain position…I can honestly say I didn’t catch on til’ about a minute in! Hahaha. Anyhow, watch it. I won’t give it away as to what the toughest job on this planet really is….

I’m obsessed with this new beverage dispenser I bought from Target. Can you believe it was only $15???!!!!! . I mean, how can you go wrong!? I’m like trying to find an excuse to use it… I even thought about filling it up with water and adding cucumbers to keep on the counter. HAHA. I think I just need to throw a party so I have a REAL reason to use it. Thoughts on how to use everyday???

Ok, I’m loving this new juice I found – blueberry lemonade. It is super delicious and I’m pretty positive I’m addicted. Plus, I love adding fresh blueberries and little lime. YUM. Just typing this is making me want some. I really wish I had mint at home…this would be amazing with mint.

The weather has gotten quite a bit warmer…I’m talking like high 80s. Which is good and bad. Aria isn’t a huge fan of the heat since all she’s ever experienced is cold weather so I’m sure summer will be interesting with her. All I can say is that she better get used to the heat given we live in Texas! Either way, all her clothes are full sleeved onesies or pants/leggings for the most part. That definitely needed to change since she’s been sweating like crazy, so I went and picked up some adorable clothes for her! I swear, shopping for her clothes is so much fun. It’s like dressing a doll and playing house…except the doll has real cries and poops. Whomp, whomp, whomp…

1. Pink Heart Dress 2. Yellow Polka Dot 3/4 Tee 3. Navy Striped Dress 4. Gray shorts 5. Cutest Niece T-Shirt 6. Yellow Shorts 7. Mint Striped Shorts 8. Milkshake T-Shirt

I CUT MY HAIR!!! I’m talking like 4 inches folks. It used to reach all the way to the middle of my back when it was straightened. I needed a change. I was so sick of my boring old hair and given that those 100-degree days are just around the corner, I’m thrilled I chopped it off. My head feels so much lighter!! HA. I will say I’m glad I didn’t make the drastic change while I was preggo since I did consider it, but people always advise against making any major hair changes while pregnant. Sage advice my friends! We had to do a few takes this morning to get a picture, but I think you get the gist! Here’s my new do! I think Aria likes it too! ;P
BTW, please excuse my gross manicure… I don’t even know why I try sometimes.

Have a great Friday!

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