Weekend Ramblings… {3.16.14}

Happy Sunday! I guess that could potentially be an oxymoron…is there anything happy about a sunday since Monday is right around the corner?

Anyway..we had a relatively productive weekend.
We’ve been on the hunt for a bigger car ever since we found out we were pregnant last year with Aria. We have two sedans and we definitely want something that is a more “family car” if you will.

Anyhow, I’ve ALWAYS wanted an SUV for as long as I can remember. Didn’t wanna be a minivan mom at all. I had to eat these words when we went to test drive cars this weekend, and I realized how the minivan is what I would like to call “mom-made”. These are vehicles designed for a mom…air vents everywhere, cup holders up the wazoo, sliding doors that YOU control, and SPACE!!! I tried to fight it so hard but that is the reality. I see a van in my near future…the swagger wagon if you will. Trust me, I never in a million years thought I would be admitting this. But if ease and convenience are going to make my life simpler, then I’m in.

After accepting defeat, we went to eat at this burger joint called Phil’s Icehouse which was delicious. The best part is that they have this great outdoor area with a playground for kids to run around in…can’t wait til’ Aria is a little older to be able to enjoy it! I’m pretty sure she had fun anyway looking at the colors and all the kiddos running around! 

Saturday evening, we watched Captain Phillips and it was awesome. Definitely intense I must say. Finally went to bed around 12:30AM. My definition of a great Saturday. 

Sunday, I kicked off the day with good ol’ grocery shopping and then we chilled for a bit before heading out to Whole Foods. They have this teeny bar inside the store which is perfect for getting a beer with a baby. This is slowly turning into our Sunday ritual which I’m a huge fan of….

Anyhow, we get to Whole Foods and I pick Aria up to get her out of the stroller and all I can smell is poop. UH-OH. Head to the bathroom and find out that this was the biggest blowout ever in her diaper. This was SO bad that I ended up leaving the white onesie she was wearing in the trash, because there was no way I was going to be able to salvage that. JUST NO WAY. So after a “pampers wipe bath”, an outfit change, and 15 minutes of screaming of not wanting to be on the changing table, I walked out of the bathroom like I had just fought a war. Sounds like I’m exaggerating but those of you that have been in this situation, know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Needless to say, that beer was much needed and boy was I glad that I was about 20 feet from it. SUCCESS. 

Before her outfit change…I’m pretty sure the damage has already been done here…sigh. Look at her smirk…sign of plotting.

You’ll see that she’s in a different outfit…

Yup, that’s drool on her shirt as we strive to take a momma-daughter selfie…

The beer and the culprit. 

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