Mmmm, oatmeal!

So we introduced Aria to oatmeal about a week and a half ago…. and the verdict: She LOVES it. I’m talking about PASSION folks. You better move that hand as fast as you can from the bowl to her mouth because she will instantly start screaming if you aren’t quick enough. And I can honestly say, that makes me so happy! I was a fussy eater when I was a baby, and I’m hoping she doesn’t get those genes from me!

We started her with one tablespoon once a day mixed with formula. I give her the oatmeal around dinner time, and the rest of the day she is still on breastmilk. She sits in her bumbo and just gobbles it up. It is so cute to see her try to eat off a spoon but instead try to suck on it!

I swear she is growing up too fast. I’m already starting to look at recipes for all the baby food that’s gonna start soon. And honestly, because I love to cook, I’m really excited! PLUS, I was so excited to buy baby bowls. How adorable are these?! I got 8 colorful bowls for about $4! I can’t seem to find them on the website anymore. =(

But I’m eyeing these next! 🙂 Can you tell I’m obsessed? 

I cannot wait to see which foods she doesn’t like and which ones end up being her favorites! If she’s anything like my hubs, she’s not gonna like veggies so I’m hoping she got her veggie taste buds from me since I can eat vegetables all day. Let’s keep our fingers crossed the latter happens!

Here is the gigglebug on this beautiful Friday! I can’t believe the weather today…the high is 85!!!! I guess Spring has finally decided to show up! FINALLY.

Happy Friday!!!


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