Hello Spring!

Hello Spring! Though the temperatures haven’t really been indicative of spring weather, this week has been promising! Two days ago, the high was 81 and it was amazing. I can honestly say, that being out with a baby during that type of weather is the best. So sick of this nasty cold that keeps sneaking it’s way into Texas. Not a fan.
Anyhow, I’m just so excited to be able to get into dresses/tshirts/shorts! And also be able to dress Aria in them. She’s been bundled up every other day since the weather has been yo-yoing. Baby spring clothes are just too cute to pass up, and I’m wayyyy too excited to dress up my doll for the spring season!

Here are a couple of spring outfits I’ve picked up for Aria so far…I’m loving all the pastels and spring pops of color. Plus, I’ve been getting sick of plain old pink on girls…it’s just too much. Just cuz’ I have a girl doesn’t mean she needs to be in pinks and purples all day long! Yellows, greens, blues look adorable on baby girls!! Clearly, I have a complex with pink. Also, I’m sick of shopping at the same stores like Carters for everything. Now that she’s a little older, she fits into outfits from other stores which I’m loving!!

1. Green stripe onesie 2. Polka dot onesie 3. Yellow onesie 4. Sunglasses 5. Flower and bloomers 6. Green sandals 7. 3-pack Parisian bodysuits 8. Whale Romper

Plus, I wanted to get my free spring printable on here as well that is currently on my mantle! Just right click and save the image to be able to to use it.

Here is a little picture of it hanging out in my house. It’s in an 8×10 frame. 🙂

Hope you guys are just as excited about spring being here!

Til’ next time!



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