DIY: $100 Nook Shelf Unit Remodel

Ok, you know those awkward spaces you have in your house that you’ve always wondered what they are there for except to mock you? I can just hear them saying “how are you going to decorate me lady?”. I feel like they are challenging me… Well, I definitely have a couple of those spots in my house. One of the spaces is in my living room. It’s off to the side, so you can’t put your TV in it since nobody would be able to see it from the living room unless you were sitting in a specific spot. Either way, I needed a fix. And I didn’t want to just buy a bookshelf and stick it there. Seemed too boring…I wanted something a little more custom, if you will.

And then…(drum roll please) I was inspired by this:

I wasn’t a huge fan of the white on white for my house since it just wouldn’t flow. I wanted to paint it something dark to make those white shelves pop. So I chose the color Graphic Charcoal by Behr. I will warn you that this has a slight bluish gray tinge to it when the sunlight hits it, but I love it. 

Anyhow, here is my hubs prepping it and starting to paint the nook as I keep Aria occupied. 😉

Here it is with the brand new color!!! I was already happier with the fact that it was painted and not the same color as the entire living room. HA. See what I mean about the bluish gray? And yes, I will cover up the lovely cords at the bottom. 

So, then we went to IKEA to pick up the floating LACK shelves. I didn’t want the high-gloss white, so I just went with the plain one. I knew I wanted to do a offset/zig-zag pattern so we got 5 shelves and at $15 a pop, that came out to $75 bucks. The paint was around $25 for the gallon which brought our total to $100! I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have ever thought I was gonna be able to have a shelving system in that nook for only 100 buckaroos. I’m gonna go ahead and call it a huge success, especially since it turned out awesome!!!

The final project one hundred dollars later! I love the openness of it! Now to fill those shelves…

I’ll have a different post once I actually decorate the shelves.



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