4 months old!

My baby girl is growing at lightning speed. I can start to see her personality more and more everyday. She is definitely is strong willed, and I can see how this little girl is going to grow up to be opinionated for sure. Not shocking if you’ve met me. 🙂 Plus, when she sets her mind on something, she doesn’t tend to give up that easily. Every day is something different because she always has something to surprise me with. Just last weekend, all of a sudden she decided that she was going to start rolling over! I’ve been trying to get her to do this for weeks and nothing! All on her time I suppose!

She is a ball of laughter. Always smiling and giggling. And apparently, very alert. Everywhere I go, no matter what, the first comment I always get from strangers: “Your baby is so alert and aware!” Not quite sure what to do with that, but I guess it’s good?! HA.
Having her recognize my face and watching it light up with the biggest smile, has to be one of the best things in life for me. It’s definitely what gets me through the tough days. And yes, she is still a chatterbox. Loves to talk to everything…especially at my Iphone and the tv.

She’s also in her “wanting to grab things” phase. So if she’s on her playmat, she’s reaching for her toys and grasping them with her tight little fist and of course, what she has her hold on, it goes straight to her mouth. That is the other new thing that has started…LOVES TO CHEW ON HER HAND. And I mean, like all the time. It’s also super cute when she just stares at her hands…the awe in her eyes are adorable. But one of the cutest things this last month has to be when she grabs her feet during her diaper changes. She gets so giddy that she’s holding her little toes. I. LOVE. IT.

Another development that has definitely helped me out is that she can hold her head up a lot more which means, I can walk around while I hold her with my left arm and get stuff done with my right! UM, this is huge in case you didn’t realize. Makes doing little tasks a thousand times easier! Like eating…or going to a store and if she gets fussy I can just pick her up…and oh yea, most importantly, it allows me to make coffee! WOOHOO. I know…don’t you love my priorities?  Hey man, all I know is that this momma has gotta stay sane. Coffee = sanity. DUH.

Also, last Friday was also her four month check up. 

Her stats –

Weight: 11 lbs, 14 oz 

Height: 24 inches

In another words, she is tiny!!! Super skinny and long… Sigh. Doctor said it is ok since she has technically doubled in weight since birth and is progressing along her specific growth curve. Of course, as a mom, I was freaking out. But with some reassurance, I definitely feel better. She also got a couple of shots but my girl was a trooper.. I was not. I left the room when the nurse came in to give her shots..Yes, I’m a pansy. Daddy stayed with her while I tried to stay nowhere near earshot distance from the room as to not hear her blood curdling cry. 🙁
Either way, no fever and not too fussy! AMAZING GIRL.

She’s also got a couple of favorites I wanted to mention since they’ve been helpful in keeping her busy during the day!


1. Baby Einstein Neptune Exersaucer – This has been great with strengthening her neck muscles and being able to put her down for 10 minutes to play is pretty awesome. She is so mesmerized by it every time she sits in it because of all that it has to offer with the music and all the toys that makes noises.
2. Sophie the Giraffe – This is an infamous teether that so many have recommended which I can fully attest to since it is one of the easier things for her to grab and chew on! So, SUCCESS!
3. Bumbo– The bumbo is great since it’s so easy to move around from room to room. Also great with helping her to strengthen those neck muscles and get her used to sitting up with decent posture. Plus it has a little tray that attaches that I can stick a few toys on it for her to practice grabbing. 

4. O’Ball Rattle – This little pink ball that doubles as a rattle and a teether rocks. She can grab it with ease because of the holes and for that reason, I love it. She gets super excited to hold it and shakes it around. ADORBS. 


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