Weekend Ramblings… {2.23.14}

It’s unfortunate Aria wasn’t looking at the camera..would’ve made a really good fam picture!

What an amazing yet exhausting weekend! Aria went to Houston for the first time since one of my best friends was getting married!!! She slept the whole way there and back which definitely calmed my nerves. Saturday was also the first day that I spent the day away from Aria, which I never expected to be so difficult, both physically and emotionally. It’s amazing what being around your baby girl 24/7 will do to you when you’re not near her…I really thought that I could enjoy it and be carefree, but I’m just not there yet. I’m still so attached to her, and I don’t think a single minute passed when I didn’t miss her…sounds crazy doesn’t it? I’m sure my fellow mommas understand where I’m coming from. Physically, being engorged all day was super painful and that of course made it even harder to be away from her. Luckily, I had my besties around me to celebrate this amazing day which made it a bit easier!

Here are a few pics from Candice’s wedding that I took! I wish I had more… She looked absolutely amazing and I couldn’t be happier for this gal!!!!

On a side note, my sweet girl is growing too quickly!! She’s starting to reach for things and hold them…Whoa. Of course, her favorite thing to reach for is my iphone… But I’m guessing that is second nature to kids born in today’s world. Sigh. However, she does love this pink ball that one of my friends gifted her a while back. It’s easy to grab and the first place it goes of course is her mouth…and so it begins…

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