Weekend Ramblings… {1.12.14}

Ever since I’ve started working from home in 2012, I got rid of Sunday fever. Didn’t really feel the Monday blues as often and I can honestly say it was amazing.

Now that I depend on Rudra on the weekends, I’m beginning to loathe Sundays, knowing that I’ll have to try to find those 10 minutes to sneak in a shower with the baby monitor ,versus having him watch her while I can bathe in peace. But alas, all good things must come to an end I suppose, and so the hate for Sunday nights have returned. Sundays have turned into my “get ready for the week” day. Grocery shopping, laundry, prepping for meals, making lunches and breakfasts ahead of time, etc. So it really only leaves Saturday for us to get to do something fun outside of the house.

This Saturday we ventured out and actually ate out for the first time. Yes, it must be a week of firsts in the Sengupta household… It didn’t go as well as we had hoped unfortunately. We went out to a Thai restaurant during lunch hours so it wasn’t like we were going to ruin the Saturday night dinner crowd in case things got really out of hand. Either way, she just didn’t want to nap the entire time we were there, so that meant that we were going to basically going to take turns holding her. SIGH. Then we went for a drive and headed to a really cool park in Austin, Emma Long Metropolitan Park. We had a pretty good time while she napped in her bob as we walked around. Beautiful park to say the least. Excited to take Aria there when she gets older and is able to run around.

Then to top it off, I did some thrifting over the weekend! Had some amazing finds! Can’t wait to show you all the final creations as it all comes together slowly! 🙂

Anyway, here are some pictures from the weekend!

No, that is not a pit stain. I PROMISE. A really weird shadow that happened to be in my armpit. This kind of stuff only happens to me.  UGH.

And that’s a wrap for yet another weekend that has just flown by!

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