36 Weeks!

How far along: 36 Weeks! Only 4ish weeks left…Remember when it was the other way around?!?

Size of our sweet baby: As big as honeydew melon! Looks like I’m stealing a little bowling ball right now…

Maternity clothes: Yup..living in my yoga pants practically and comfy maternity shirts…

Gender: A girl!

Sleep:  Not sure that word is in my vocabulary too often right now. I try to get what I can but the uncomfortable-ness just makes it really hard..

Food Cravings: Mexican food..spicy stuff.

What I Miss: I think I still miss having energy.

Symptoms: Is it repetitive to say exhausted?! Not to mention lots of random aches and pains all over which I did talk my doc about and it seems all of it is good and NORMAL! I believe her words were “Bring on the pain this next month and that way we know we’re moving in the right direction!”..She’s amazing and I love her humor! She makes me feel at ease about knowing what is going to happen to my body pretty soon and I love love love that!

Belly Button: Definitely an outtie! You can see it through some of my clothes now…sooo weird!

Best Moments of This Week:

– Our 36 week appointment was on Wednesday and we heard the heartbeat all nice and strong. Can I just say that is one of my most favorite sounds in the world? Anyway, all looks good as of right now and my next appointment is at 38 weeks. We talked a ton about contractions and more about actual labor/delivery…Fun stuff guys.

– Again, got some stuff accomplished for Aria. Even though we are hoping to go the breastfeeding route, I’m aware it’s not always easy and may need bottles immediately. So I went ahead and sterilized all her bottles/bottle nips/soothies…

– Saturday, we had a pretty relaxing day and then to end the night, we ended up carving pumpkins! Of course, Hexi was really confused at the beginning with these massive orange “things”, but when she realized that they were potentially edible, she went NUTS. She would not stop sniffing around just waiting for us to drop some of the seeds or something! It was hilarious! Took a lot of patience to get her to sit still for these pics..

 I’m also really excited about spending our first Halloween in our new house and getting to see all the cute kiddos on Thursday with their adorable costumes! Next year we can join in on the trick-or-treating fun with our little girl!

Rudra carved the spider and I carved the owl and the longhorn!! I think they turned out pretty good! 🙂

– Sunday was also a lot of relaxing but we did end up going to one our favorite restaurants for brunch! It’s this amazing place downtown called Moonshine…DELICIOUS! Let’s just say that for a 36 week pregnant lady, the brunch buffet is heaven! SO GOOD. 

YUM. I devoured like 2.5 plates of food. Yea. I’m a fatty. 

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