29/30 Weeks!

How far along:  30 weeks!!! Only 10ish more to go!!!!!!

Size of our sweet baby: Close to 3 lbs and around 15 inches long!

Maternity clothes:  YUP! Bought a couple of more shirts from Old Navy to last me. And bought one more maxi dress from Target. I think at some point I’ll need to buy a pair of jeans for this last trimester as the cooler weather actually hits..

Gender: A sweet baby girl!

Sleep: Like I had mentioned in my previous post, sleep is just not so great anymore. I’m thoroughly exhausted but getting comfortable is a whole other story. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure Aria thinks my bladder is a fun sqeeze toy so I definitely have to go to the bathroom about twice a night…

Food Cravings:  Danishes. More apple pie (shocked? Don’t be…I could live on apple pie.). 

What I Miss: Energy. It’s amazing how little energy I have after doing a few things. Like if I’ve been standing in the kitchen doing dishes and cooking, my legs will start to ache and I’ll want to sit down. No swollen ankles yet though…I’m sure that will change.

Symptoms: Acid reflux and heartburn. Especially after I eat spicy or Indian food. So as much I hate bland food, trying to stick to that since acid reflex is no fun at 11 PM at night…

Belly Button: I know you thought it would be fully out by now but no such luck folks. It’s not flat anymore..it’s a tad more out than in, but wouldn’t qualify as an outtie…

Best Moments of These Last Two Weeks:

– We had a little fluffy visitor in our backyard who was super cute! I tried giving him (or her? Not sure but I named him Thumper..) carrots but he was definitely not a fan. So of course since we had thrown carrots around our yard, Hexi was going insane and thought it was a great game afterwards to find them all and eat them…Later on, when Hexi was outside I think she and Thumper had a good staring contest…here is our sweet little bunny friend! I’m hoping he returns…

– Of course I got some shopping in..let’s face it, if you know me, you know how much I love clothes…Now having a daughter, I am obsessed with how I’m going to get to dress her! Until of course she forms her own opinions…yikes. Either way, I picked up two more newborn one piece suits (also, if you know me, you know how much I love these colors!) and then got some adorable leggings! Ok, gold dots are soooooo freaking cute on baby girl legs! LOVE.

1. Mint Terry Elephant Sleep & Play 2. Two pack stretch jersey leggings

3. Gray Cotton Ballet Flats Sleep & Play

– We did quite a bit of stuff for the house over these last two weeks. I finally finished painting my rug for the living room that I’ve been wanting to do. I think it turned out perfect for the area! You can see the progression and then how it now looks in our living room! And yes, that is Hexi peering into our living room from the backyard…

– I also worked quite a bit on organizing Aria’s room. Putting her clothes away in the dresser/closet.  Getting the curtains stitched and hung (I know they look lopsided in the picture…I promise they are not!). Finishing up some art work above her dresser. Getting prints hung up in her bathroom. Finishing the clouds near the eiffel tower mural. Switching out the knobs on the dresser, however we still need to fill the old holes and touch it up.  Yes folks, a lot of stuff…but I feel better each day with the more I get accomplished and get ready for her arrival!

– Went to Houston for a baby shower thrown by my mom and sister! It was amazing to see a lot of my mom’s friends and celebrate lil’ Aria! Here are some pictures from the event..unfortunately since I normally designate my sister to be my photographer, we don’t have a lot of pics from the event since she was hosting!

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