20 Weeks!

How far along: 20 WEEKS. Halfway people…HALFWAY. LIKE WHOA.

Size of our sweet baby: Size of an banana… About 8 inches long and 11 oz!

Maternity clothes: Yessir!

Gender: Girl!!!!

Sleep: Not sleeping comfortably at all…

Food Cravings:  Maggi. So there is an Indian version of Ramen noodles that we as Indian kids have all had and it is called maggi noodles. They have these awesome flavors like Curry and Tricky Tomato (yes, it’s called Tricky Tomato because Indian people are cool and we like to have fun names for our Maggi packets unlike ramen which has boring names like “Beef”…you know I’m right.) which are AMAZEBALLS! So for whatever reason, my little girl has been wanting this…definitely my kiddo for sure.  

What I Miss: Sometimes I really miss walking normally..I know that sounds crazy but sometimes my back pain/sciatica is SO bad that I end up having to waddle to compensate…Yea, not fun or cute. Only penguins are cute when they waddle…

Symptoms: Headaches…Random hunger pangs…and acne. As a kid/teenager, I never really experienced acne (and yes, I thank my lucky stars) except that one ugly week a month that mother nature plays a joke on all women. But thanks to this pregnancy, acne has reared its ugly head and as I read up on it, I found some interesting articles on the fact that this happens to preggo ladies that are having baby girls. APPARENTLY, your daughter would like to steal your beauty. Go figure. 

Belly Button: Still an Innie!

Best Moments of This Week:

– Lots of amazing moments with feeling my baby girl kick! Love this feeling inside..Plus, Rudra got to feel some of these super subtle kicks at night. These moments are what makes life worth living folks.

– The nursery decorating is fully underway! I’m so excited to get it started! We picked out the color after realizing that I definitely wanted to do a Parisian theme with lavender as the base color of the room. If you have pinterest, check out my board to get a better idea of what I’m picturing which will be updated constantly since I have an obsession with pinning..late at night…when I should be sleeping…I know I know. Get off my back. Here is my inspiration board for doing up the nursery as well…

Here’s what it looks like so far…look at my handsome husband painting away. Love this guy to the moon and back.

Isn’t he so amazing?! =)

We finally made it to day 2 of painting which included making stripes on the wall that the crib will be against. I think getting the blue tape up for the stripes took us the longest…And I mean, like FOREVA.  

Here is what it looks like with the stripes! Soft light and natural light…Hopefully you can tell that it’s def lavender/purple stripes.

– Then on Sunday, I went over to my friend Mita’s place for some Sunday Funday! Her view from her pool deck is AH-MAZING! Good food + good friends = good times! =)

Good week with some good fun! 

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