16 Weeks!

How far along: 16 weeks…only 24ish more weeks to go!!

Size of our sweet baby: Size of an avocado! About 4.6 inches long and weighs about 3.5 oz! Almost growing out of my hand!!!

Maternity clothes: YUP!! Loving to embrace my baby bump!! 

Gender: Don’t know… Only 3 weeks left!!!!! Can’t wait to shop!!

Sleep:  Definitely not sleeping that well and from what I hear it only gets worse…GOODY!

Food Cravings: Watermelon…and lots of it. Um..not sure why, but burritos. My coffee addiction has also reared its ugly head and now am drinking a cup of coffee once or twice a week…which by the way, I LOVE. And oh yea, bagels. Not sure why, but had such a craving for bagels this week. 

What I Miss: Being able to sleep comfortably but aside from that nothing really!

Symptoms: Hunger pangs up the wazoo! Lot of backaches…as my belly/bust expands, I’m sure that my back is going to take the brunt of the pain. Well, it’s already started and lemme tell you, IT DOES NOT FEEL GOOD. 

Belly Button: Still an Innie!

Best Moments of This Week:

– Well as most of you know we moved into our lovely new house about a month and a half ago and it’s been interesting to get it set up. I’m so excited that my breakfast area is finally coming together! I bought this amazing oak table at this thrift shop in Katy a few months ago, which had great bones. I love when you find old pieces and can add them to your own home…gives it more character don’t you think? Well anyway, I just had it refinished to be completely black, and it looks AWESOME. Check out the before and after… I love how it came together!

I know what you’re thinking…looks bare right? Not to worry! I’m working on stenciling some curtains to get hung up in that area!!! Went to IKEA, bought some curtains and got to work. Lemme tell you all, it takes quite a bit of  patience to say the least!  I’ve only finished 3 of the 4 panels…still got some work to do!   Can’t wait for the whole finished look… Here’s a quick look at one of the panels..loving the moroccan print these days! Can’t get enough of it!

I also added a couple of pieces to the dining area that I’ve been meaning to hang up. Both of these are not to scale! But once I finish the breakfast area, you’ll have a better idea of what it looks like!

And then of course, I added this cute little centerpiece to my breakfast table! And got some placemats!

It’s coming together slowly but surely…

– Then on Friday, Rudra and I decided to go see Now You See Me at the Alamo Drafthouse. We were contemplating the 7 PM show but decided on the 10 PM show because let’s face it, the chances of us hitting a late night showing (let alone a movie) once the kiddo arrives are pretty slim to none!

And then we decided to take a very embarrassing picture…Oh btw, this was in front of quite a large crowd. AWESOME.

– Saturday was a pretty awesome day! I got a much needed haircut, and then a wonderful surprise from the hubs arrived!!!  A CAMERA!!! Yes, that’s right folks..my very own DSLR that I’ve been wanting for a while!! Yup, this is the push present though I still haven’t pushed yet! HA. But I’m glad because we’ve got a quite a few months to play with it before my sweet baby is here, because we all know I will be camera happy with the new love of my life!!! 

Then, in the evening we had our good friend Jessica’s birthday party at this pretty cool spot called Pinthouse Pizza. Good times and love her daughter Avery! She is the cutest thing EVER! Here are some pictures from the party!

This cookie cake that my friend Ally made was AHHHHMAZING!!! I love how Avery is photo-bombing this picture and lil’ Jacob does not look happy at all!

Finally a picture of us preggo together! Jessica and I like to say that we officially in a Maternity Fraternity. OH YEA. You know you love it… It’s awesome.  Jessica is about 11 weeks ahead of me!! Can’t wait to meet her new little baby boy soon!

Isn’t she the cutest little baby girl you’ve ever seen?! Cannot get enough of her! Gonna be a heart breaker!

– Sunday, I woke up to a beautiful rainy morning. I am definitely one of those people that like rain…I know I know, its weird but there is something extremely romantic about it to me. Reading books, taking baths, watching movies all snuggled up, cuddling with the hubby, and the list goes on and on!! Anyway, I had a good ol’ lazy Sunday at its best!

The gloomy sky…

Raindrops on flowers…

That’s it folks!! Pretty awesome week…

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