8 Weeks!

How far along: 8 weeks

Size of our sweet baby: Raspberry

Maternity clothes: Not yet!

Gender: Don’t know!

Sleep: Exhausted all the time! Am loving naps right now! Of course,getting up so many times during the night to run to the bathroom..that part, not so fun.

Food Cravings: Anything and Everything unhealthy! This little baby doesn’t want to eat healthy at all! Not a huge fan of meat right now either…

What I Miss: Sleeping through the night..my guess is this is what prepares you for motherhood. Also, not having to run to the bathroom all the time! 

Symptoms: Exhaustion and Nausea..ALL THE TIME. 

Belly Button: Still an Innie!

Best Moments of This Week:
-When we went to the doctor for our 8 week appointment and saw our little peanut and the heart pumping! Hearing the doctor say that things were looking good and that everything is moving along normally and healthy, was wonderful to hear!

-Then we went to see Amber and Joey’s new little bundle of joy, Hayes, and told a couple of friends about the pregnancy! Was exciting to share the news with more people! What a sweet baby Hayes is!

-Last but not least, we told Mashi! We sent her the video we took of the heart beating and waited for her response! She was so thrilled and even more exciting about visiting this summer! =)

We then went down to the Woodlands over the weekend to hang out with Rudra’s mom! It was a good time as we hadn’t gotten to spend time with her in a while! Had a good time while in the Woodlands as I hadn’t been there in years and Rudra gave me a tour! Not the greatest pic but oh well!

Overall, a pretty good week with lots of amazing stuff going on! With every passing day, I get more and more excited!

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