Soooooooooooo. Have you watched this lovely documentary on Netflix called “What The Health”? No? Good. Don’t. Unless, you’re ok with making lifestyle changes. And if you have watched it, and didn’t get remotely spooked, then you’ll have no idea where I’m coming from. It’s been relatively controversial, and I’m not one to fall into a fad or anything, but substantial data and decent logic, will make me question things for sure. I won’t go into deets, but this documentary basically conveys the message that meat isn’t good for you. Now, I’m a pretty big omnivore. I love my leafy greens and veggies, but am a huge fan of a good steak/fish/goat/lamb/mussels/etc. I love it all…. But the data was a little too convincing. So convincing, that I’m trying that vegan life for a little while to see if I can actually see a difference in my health. 

These past few days, all my meals have been vegan. I specifically even bought condiments and switched out lots of dairy products to make sure I was sticking to being vegan. It hasn’t been easy, but I don’t miss the meat and everything tastes amazing! So, I can’t really complain….yet. And yes, the hubs is on board for the most part. If he’s eating at home, he’ll eat whatever I make because his theory is “if you’re (me) doing something that is benefitting our bodies, I can’t really complain!”. I love him for that btw!

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